Top 10 Countries With The Worst Police Brutality


In this article, We Share the Top 10 Countries With The Worst Police Brutality. Don’t Waste time Let’s Start!!!!

Top 10 Countries With The Worst Police Brutality

The law-keepers of society are police. They are responsible for keeping the society in order, to capture the criminal and to control violence. However, they do not have the authority to punish. They do not decide who should be executed or killed. They are accountable to the law and constitution for their actions. There are instances where the police force has stepped outside their normal role. While some forces may have crossed the line occasionally, others have taken many steps beyond their traditional role. The police force was known at the time as “ash-shurta” because it was led by a Head of Department, much like today’s Highest Inspector. Although its primary role was to keep peace, it became less important as the population grew and the human psyche changed. Police are now used to enforce brutality. It is ironic that police is so important.

1. Pakistan


The corruption and abuse of police officers in Pakistan is well-known. The police is also known for extrajudicial killings. According to data from the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), as many as 334 people were killed during police encounters between 2014 and May 2018. According to the data, 6610 men and 23 women were killed and 12 minor victims were injured by police officers during that period. There have been many cases of extrajudicial killings by police in Pakistan. Examples include the Model Town shooting incident, where 14+ protestors were killed by police gunfire; and the killing of Naqebullah Mehsud, a model. The worst example of police brutality is the one that took place on the 19th of January 2018. Four people were killed by police officers from Punjab, including Muhammad Khalil, Nabeela Khalil’s wife, and 13-year-old Areeba. They were also shot in front of three children. It’s happened. It happens. Three children witness their mother, father and sister being killed. The family was in a car and the alleged encounter, which Counter Terrorism Department officials later called an ‘intelligence-based operations’ — occurred on GT Road near Sahiwal. CTD officials had earlier claimed that the four individuals were kidnappers. Later, they were called terrorists. Witnesses and family members claimed that the police shot and killed the four suspects in cold blood, and then attempted to cover it up.

2. South Africa – The world capital of police brutality

South Africa

According to statistics, the number of South Africans killed by police officers is on the rise each year. If all civil liability lawsuits against the police were ruled in favor, the budget of the government would go to the court. Reports suggest that the numbers regarding torture by police officers and rapes of uniformed policemen exceed every year. There were 244 deaths in 2016 and 124 rapes committed by uniformed officers. It is disturbing to see the protectors become the vultures. In the same year, 145 cases were also reported of police torture.

3. Egypt

Egypt Worst Police Brutality

In 2004, a CIA officer claimed that if a man wanted to disappear from the planet, he should be sent to Egypt. The situation has worsened since the Arab Spring. The current regime believes that Mubarak’s leniency is the reason for his dismissal. They plan to change this. The Nadeem Centre reports that 600 local tortures were reported by the Nadeem Centre in 2015. This was along with 40,000 arrests and 1265 disappearances as well as 267 deaths. This was largely done to support Sissi’s military coup.

4. Somalia


Somalia’s police force, like the country itself, is in an awful state. It is ravaged by civil war. More than 1000 German-trained police officers were reportedly missing and allegedly joined an Islamist militia. Underpaid, the force resorts to illegal means to increase its income. The country is known for its rampage of private property and coercion of citizens to pay bribes. There have been instances where the police are reported to be supporting injustice and refusing to take responsibility for crime in exchange for financial bribes. Although there have been attempts to improve the state, they have not had much success.

5. Russia


It is not uncommon for police officers to kill people while they are in custody. The police are not afraid to take any action to restore their power and authority. Sergei Pestov, a moderately successful drummer in the 1970s, was recently arrested for alleged drug possession from his garage. His wife was forced to identify the body of her husband’s dead husband the next day. Even though police said they had released him the night before, human rights activists disagree.

6. Kenya


Kenya is a country in Africa that has a lot of corruption and problems. In 2016, protestors marched against the government’s corruption. They were met with a stiff resistance from the law-keepers and punished accordingly. Protestors were hit with sticks and clubs. The police used all the gruesome methods to disperse the crowd and chased them down the streets. Journalists shared stories of police treating people like cotton bales. It’s no wonder that people are demanding a change.

7. Haiti


It is not uncommon for Haitian police to resort to brutality. You can see it in the way that the government converted the island of Ile a Vache to a tourist attraction. Bulldozers destroyed homes instead of following the proper procedures for acquisition, evacuation, and development. The police also brutally dealt with protestors who crossed a certain line. People were brutally beaten, even women and pastors were not spared. It is very sad to see how taxpayers take the money to feed the police, and then the same cost center is used to harass people illegally. This may seem like only one side of the story, but there is enough evidence from human rights activists regarding these protests in Haiti.

8. Brazil


Brazil featured prominently in news stories a few years back because of its Olympic host in Rio de Janeiro. The high levels of police brutality in Brazil were another reason it was covered. Police are known to murder people trying to control illegal land occupations or mobs. The police can control the situation by getting a free ticket from government. Police are not afraid to use evidence to indict someone they feel is not good for society. In the same vein, there have been many racial and white men killed. Nearly all of the reported deaths are self-defence. Problem is, police is trying control brutality with brutality to ensure that gang warfare does not escalate.

9. Iran


A look at the 2009 Ashura protests will give you an idea about the extent of police brutality in Iran. According to the authorities and police, there have been 36 deaths. However, the protesters claim that it is higher. The Ashura is a memorial to a day of Islamic history injustice. The Ashura is a day when Shiite Muslims owe it to the world to stop violence and injustice, but the police use brutal force against those who participate in procesions. They were attacked, shelled and shot at. Similar incidents occurred in protests against Iranian elections. This is why the country hosted a conference to protest the racial killings in America of black men. It was ironic, people thought.

10. USA


It is shocking to see that the USA was listed as the country with the worst police force, especially after 9/11. In the wake of the war against terror, the police were granted immunity from civil and legal rights in a few cases. Recent killings have been attributed to police suspicions of criminal activity. Because the police ignore civil rights in their fight against terrorism, innocent people are executed or killed after biased trials. Most killings involve black men. Police killings are well-known by the names Alton Sterling, Philando castile and Gregory Gunn. Despite this, the country boasts one of the best police forces in the world! Surprised?


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