Top 10 Tiktokers in the USA

In this Article, We Share the list of the Top 10 Tiktokers in the USA. Don’t Waste time Let’s Start!!!!

Top 10 Tiktokers in the USA

1. Charli D’Amelio

Charli D'Amelio
Image by Instagram

The Charli D’Amelio is among of the most well-known Tiktok Stars from America. USA. The Charli D’Amelio is well-known as a performer from America and is among the most well-known celebrities of America. Her birthplace was in Norwalk, Connecticut on 1 May, 2004.

She’s just 16 years old and is among the youngest to be millionaire on TikTok. The Charli D’Amelio is also an older sister named Dixie D’Amelio. She is also a well-known singer and a very well-known personality across social platforms.

Charli D’Amelio Birth

  • 1 May 2004

Charli D’Amelio Age

  • 16 years

Charli D’Amelio Country

  • America

Charli D’Amelio Net Worth

  • $4 million

2. Loren Gray

Loren Gray Tiktokers
Image by Instagram

Loren Gray Beech Loren Gray Beech among the most well-known dancers as well as singers. She is also among the most popular TikTok Stars in the USA. Beech is also a renowned YouTuber, Vlogger, and Songwriter. Her fame was first spotted on TikTok.

The girl was born in Pottstown, Pennsylvania on 19 April 2002. She’s just 18 years old and one of the smallest girl on Tiktok. She is the most gorgeous girl, like a Barbie doll. She also has one sister, whose name is Jordan.

Loren Gray Birth

  • 19 April 2002

Loren Gray Age

  • 17 years

Loren Gray Country

  • America

Loren Gray Net Worth

  • $3 million

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3. Zach King

Zach King
Image by Instagram

Zachary Michael King Zachary Michael King is an American Vine and one the most well-known Tiktok Stars from the USA filmmakers and YouTuber. The young star is based with his family in Los Angeles. He is famous for the “magic vines”, which are videos of around six seconds that are which are edited digitally to appear like he’s doing magic. Zachary calls them the “digital sleight of hand”.

Zach King Birth

  • 4 February 1990

Zach King Age

  • 30 years

Zach King Country

  • America

Zach King Net Worth

  • $3 million

4. Addison Rae

Addison Rae
Image by Instagram

Addison Rae Easterling Addison Rae Easterling is simply called Addison Rae. Addison can also be described as an American social media star and a fantastic dancer. In April of 2020 she achieved 1.5 billion views and had 33 million users on TikTok. She also ranks in the 6th position of most-followed on this platform.

Addison Rae Birth

  • 6 October 2000

Addison Rae Age

  • 19 years

Addison Rae Country

  • America

Addison Rae Net Worth

  • $5 million

5. Baby Ariel

Baby Ariel
Image by Instagram

Ariel Rebecca Martin Ariel Rebecca Martin is professionally identified as Baby Ariel. It is an American TikToker and singer as well as an actress. Her fame is primarily due to the videos she has posted that are posted on Tik Tok. She also has been credited with playing in the Disney film and the movie Zombies 2.

Baby Ariel Birth

  • 22 November 2000

Baby Ariel Age

  • 19 years

Baby Ariel Country

  • America

Baby Ariel Net Worth

  • $6 million

6. Spencer Polanco Knight

The Spencer Polanco is a well-known TikToker who gained fame through his beatboxing skills. This YouTuber and beatboxer receive huge acceptance in the social media world.

Spencer Polanco Knight Birth

  • 24 April 1992

Spencer Polanco Knight Age

  • 27 years

Spencer Polanco Knight Country

  • America

Spencer Polanco Knight Net Worth

  • $600 K

7. Brent Rivera

Brent Rivera
Image by Instagram

Brent Austin Rivera Brent Austin Rivera was an American YouTuber, TikToker, and also an actor. He has a variety of roles in films like Issac Salcedo’s role in Light as a Feather and as Alex Alexander in Alexander IRL.

Brent Rivera Birth

  • 9 January 1998

Brent Rivera Age

  • 22 years

Brent Rivera Country

  • America

Brent Rivera Net Worth

  • $6.5 million

8. Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy
Image by Instagram

Elizabeth Shaila Koshy is an American TV host, actress YouTuber, comedian and the infamous TikToker. This gorgeous actress is well-known with the popular social networking platform called TikTok.

Liza Koshy Birth

  • 31 March 1996

Liza Koshy Age

  • 24 years

Liza Koshy Country

  • America

Liza Koshy Net Worth

  • £4.6 million

9. Jacob Sartorius

Jacob Sartorius
Image by Instagram

The Rolf Jacob Sartorius (born in 1932) is an American performer and also an extremely popular TikToker. He’s very well-known because of his funny video clips to Vine as well as lip-syncing clips on the social media application and on TikTok.

Jacob Sartorius Birth

  • 2 October 2002

Jacob Sartorius Age

  • 17 years

Jacob Sartorius Country

  • America

Jacob Sartorius Net Worth

  • $3 million

10. Stokes Twins

Stokes Twins Stokes Twins Alan and Alex the twins who are well-known and popular due to the video clips they create on TikTok. They were from China and then grew up in America.

Stokes Twins Birth

  • 23 November 1996

Stokes Twins Age

  • 33 years

Stokes Twins Country

  • America

Stokes Twins Net Worth

  • $800,000

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