Inspirational Top 10 Tattooed chef They are Different!

Michael Voltaggio

Chefs are the most fascinating aspect of cooking. Here is a list with the top 10 tattooed chefs. These chefs are great cooks and have high ideals. These chefs have spent many years perfecting their art. In 2017, tattoos were the most in-demand style of chef. They are vibrant and colorful, with unusual combinations and images. These tattoos give them a distinct look that enhances their personality. Let’s take a look at the 10 most famous tattooed chefs.

1.  Chef Sean Brock – Coolest one Among Top 10 chefs with Tattoos

Chef Sean Brock

Sean Brock is a chef who works with the Cuisine of Southern United States. He has been Charleston’s official chef since 2010. He is also an McCrady’s associate. He is one of the Top 10 Chefs with Tattoos. Sean Brock, a Virginian, was inspired by his family’s ability create their own food. He started his career as a chef, and used that energy for exploring the roots of Southern cuisine and reproducing it through preservation and re-establishing important fixings.

2. Jeff Mahin – Second Most Chef Among Top 10 chefs with Tattoos

Jeff Mahin

Jeff Mahin, the son a scientist and specialist, seemed too attached to a NASA career. He found his way to the kitchen. Jeff came in second place among the Top 10 Chefs With Tattoos. At 13 years old, he began his culinary career. He worked at several secondary schools in nearby restaurants before he joined the California Culinary Academy. He also wanted to study science and math at University of California Berkeley. His reviews didn’t deter him from getting into the kitchen. Mahin founded M Street Kitchen in Santa Monica, Summer House Santa Monica (Chicago) and Do-Rite Donuts Chicago. For this effort, Mahin received the 2014 Star Chefs Rising Star Restaurateur Award.

3. Michael Voltaggio (champ of the 6th period of Top Chef)

Michael Voltaggio

American chef Michael Voltaggio resides in Los Angeles, California. Voltaggio was the winner of Top Chef Bravo’s sixth season, which featured Bryan Voltaggio, Voltaggio’s sibling. He is third in the Top 10 Chefs with Tattoos. The finale ended with Kevin Gillespie finishing in third place and Michael winning the challenge. Tom Colicchio was the Beat Chef Head Judge and said Voltaggio was “the most skilled of all the chefs who have made it to this stage.” He is a unique cook with a unique sensibility. He achieved what he set his mind to. Voltaggio was a guest judge in September 2010 on Top Chef Canada’s Season 3 and Season 7 finale.

4. Chef Kristen Kish – Top 10 chefs with Tattoos

Kristen Kish was raised in Kentwood (MI) and was born in South Korea. Since childhood, she has had a passion for cooking. Kristen was suggested by her mom to go to culinary school. Kristen attended Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago and hasn’t looked back. She is the most beautiful female chef, and fourth among the top 10 chefs with tattoos. Kristen was born in Boston and has worked as a chef de cuisine at Guy Martin’s Sensing (a Michelin-starred chef) and Barbara Lynch’s Stir (a prominent Boston restaurant). She was responsible for all back-office operations, including the preparation and outline of daily menus and show suppers for 10 guests. She is one of the top 10 young chefs in the country and many people watch her show and get tattoos. Kristen was chosen to compete in Top Chef where she won the title. She was the second female winner of this prestigious competition. Kristen was Chef de Cuisine at Menton (Chef Barbara Lynch’s fine restaurant).

5. Chef Michael Symon – Famous top 10 chefs with Tattoos

Chef Michael Symon

Michael Symon is a passionate chef. Born in Cleveland, Symon grew up in a Greek-Sicilian household and now prepares delicious and satisfying meals at his Cleveland restaurants, Lola, Mabel’s Barbecue and Roast, Bar Symon and B Spot Burgers. He is an Iron Chef on Food Network and a cohost of ABC’s The Chew. He shares his unique and delicious cooking style with viewers. Michael is the author and cohost of four popular cookbooks. He has also appeared on numerous Food Network shows. Michael enjoys riding his bike around Cleveland and playing golf. He also loves cooking at home or thinking about his next tattoo. He spends his energy with Liz, their Old English bulldog Ozzy.

6. Hugh Acheson – Popular Most Top 10 chefs with Tattoos

Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson is also author of The James Beard Foundation Award Winning Recipe Book. A Turn in The South – Southern Flavors Reinvented. For Your Kitchen, Pick a Pickle 50 Recipes. He is also the chef at The National, Atlanta, Georgia. He received the James Beard grant as Best Chef Southeast and was named Best New Chef by Food and Wine Magazine. Hugh was a competitor in Bravo’s Top Chef Masters Season 3; he is now a Top Chef judge. He is also one of the top 10 chefs who have tattoos.

7. Chef Jefferson Rueda – Top Chefs with Tattoos

Chef Jefferson Rueda

Jefferson Rueda is a 30-year-old chef hailing from Sao Paulo. He exemplifies French strategy which he learned at Le Cordon Bleu with Laurent Suaudeau, and his Italian experience gained on many trips to the promontory. His motivation is Italo caipira. He has been the Attimo restaurant in Nova Conceicao, Sao Paulo’s lord for a few years. He is seventh among top 10 chefs with tattoos. He is Marcelo Fernandes’ companion and restaurateur. Many honors and statements in aides have recognized this flawless relationship. Rueda appears to be on his way to the top. Janaina, Rueda’s partner, is also involved in the business along with her Bar da Dona Onca. She offers the finest feijoada Sao Paolo has to offer.

8. Jessica Gelt – Top 10 chefs with Tattoos

Jessica Gelt is among the top 10 chefs with tattoos. Since 2003, she has been a Times TV, music film, TV, literature and craft expert. She loves jumping bars but also enjoys very dry martinis with olives.

9. Justin Girouard – A standout Among Top 10 chefs with Tattoos

Affected cooking is the best way to cultivate Louisiana culture. Justin is the ninth most famous chef to have tattoos among the top 10 chefs with tattoos. Justin Girouard and Margaret Girouard own and manage The French Press in Lafayette. Justin began his career washing dishes in an eatery kitchen. He learned to cook and prepare meals. After working his way up, Justin finally reached Stella. Justin was Stella’s top-ranked chef and one the 10 most tattooed chefs.

10. Iliana Regan – Top 10 Chefs in world with Tattoos

She started her career in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant as a dishwasher when she was just ten years old. Later she worked at Alinea’s front desk. Iliana Regan is well-known for her delicate dishes, which are inspired by the Midwest’s natural profusion and her tattoos. She is ranked last among the top 10 chefs who have tattoos. She opened Elizabeth in Chicago in 2012, named after her sister. She was awarded her first Michelin star the following year. Before opening Elizabeth, Chef Regan was well known for her underground restaurants in which she had created the dishes that would eventually become part of the Elizabeth menu.


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