Top 10 Smartest Bird Species in the World


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Top 10 Smartest Bird Species in the World

1. Rooks


The Rooks are another member of the crow clan. They have extraordinary problem-solving skills. They are able to solve Aesop’s Fable, where a crow must drink water from a half-full pitcher. Talented rooks use the same method as the crow in Aesop’s Fable and also drink the water. They even use and build their tools. According to Queen Mary University’s study, rooks are more likely to choose the right tool for the job when faced with a problem.

2. Magpie


These birds are the only ones to pass the mirror test. This test measures how self-aware a creature really is. The experiment involves a sticker or mark being applied to an animal’s eye. The bird is then asked to look at the mirror and see if it scratches the mark. This indicates that the bird is self-aware. It was passed by the Eurasian magpies. They also perform well in hide and seek, performing at the same level as 4- or 5-year-olds. They can also be social and may hoard shiny objects.

3. Jays


There are many species of Jays in the family, including the Blue Jay and Eurasian Jays, as well as the California Scrub Jay. The Eurasian Jay is intelligent and knows how to impress his mate. He buys gifts for his mate, and that’s exactly what he most likely wants. The Scrub Jays plan and think for the future. They will plan what they want for breakfast, decide on the menu and then find the food they need to store it. Smart Captive Blue Jays use the paper at the bottom of their cages to make tools that reach outside. Recent research has also revealed that Jays can mimic familiar sounds and imitate humans.

4. Nutcrackers


They are closely related to jays and crows, making them the most intelligent family of birdies. They are known for their ability to remember and their knowledge of the environment. They bury pine seeds over 200 miles in an area that covers about 200 square miles during the summer season. They can recall all of the places where they stored these seeds. They can also count numbers. The nutcrackers will choose the pile with more seeds from a given pile.

5. Ravens


Ravens, another member of the Corvidae Family, are among the most intelligent animals in the world. Ravens can work together while hunting food, with one partner distracting the parent and the other attacking the infant. Research also shows that Ravens are able to plan for the future. Researchers observed that birds kept tools they considered useful for later use aside. They have their own calls to address other ravens, and they have exceptional memory skills. After years of separation, they are able to recognize each other.

6. African Grey

Greys are known for their ability to talk. They can imitate our sounds and words, and pick it up quickly. They can learn 200 words and more, and they can imitate animal sounds to scare away predators. These parrots are able to use their detection skills to find hidden food and have exceptional reasoning skills, according to a study.

7. Macaw


Macaws have vibrant personalities and are full of color. Although they may be funny and charming, macaws are intelligent, playful and affectionate. They can be parrots of any one of six genera, with the longest being approximately 4 feet in length. The sequence of the macaw genome revealed that it had a DNA basis, which is about one-third of what mammals have. They are capable of performing magic tricks and possess excellent cognitive abilities.

8. Cockatoos


These bright birds are part of the parrot family and are very affectionate. Cockatoos are able to imitate sounds and words and have exceptional speech skills. Their intelligence is higher than that of four-year-olds, according to research. Study showed that cockatoos can recognize hidden objects. They can also track the same object if it is placed in a different place. Their ability to hold onto objects is actually higher than that of four-year old children. You should ensure that you have plenty of toys for your pet.

9. Kea

This bird is among the smartest of all species, and is well-known for its antics. The New Zealand-based Kea parrot is the most common. Keas are playful and friendly birds, but they are notorious for stealing food. Keas are known to cause havoc and damage cars and other equipment. They have scored higher than gibbons or apes in intelligence tests. A second study showed that non-human animals have an unusual trait: keas. The Keas displayed remarkable intelligence and teamwork in a task that required them to wait more than a minute for a partner bird to release food. They were able to identify when they needed to work together and wait for a partner to help them.

10. Crows


Although the United States is home to more than 30,000,000 crows it doesn’t get enough attention. Crows may be considered creepy by many, but they are some of the most intelligent creatures on the planet. Crows can solve complex problems and their brain is about the same size as a thumb. Crows are also capable of remembering faces and counting up to 5. This phenomenon was observed by researchers who took brain scans. They were able to identify dangerous or friendly people and remember their faces. The Corvidae family, which includes jays and crows as well as rooks, has complex social structures. They share information with the entire group, then make decisions. They can also form strong bonds with other people.


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