Best Short Term Rental Insurance Companies

best short term rental insurance
best short term rental insurance

If you lease your residence or your vacation home to other people for short-term stay, either directly or through a service such as Airbnb, it is important to get insurance for rental properties that is short-term. With guests sleeping in bed or cooking meals in kitchens that aren’t familiar to them, hosts must to be protected against unexpected fires caused by grease and plumbing accidents, theft of property, as well as accidental guest injuries. We looked into 16 insurance companies for short-term rentals to help you choose which one is best for you based on cost and choices in coverage as well as quality of service, reputation and more. Look over our top-of-the-line in seven categories, and then see which is the most appropriate for you.

The 7 Best Short-Term Rental Insurers in 2022

  • Best Overall: Proper Insurance
  • Best for Home Sharing: Allstate
  • Best for Vacation Homes: CBIZ
  • Best for Coverage Options: Nationwide
  • Best for Landlords: Farmers
  • Best for Customer Service: American Modern
  • Best Affordable Option: American Family

1. PROPER INSURANCE (Best Overall)

It’s impossible not to surpass Proper Insurance as the best overall short-term rental insurance firm. It provides the most extensive and precise insurance coverage for vacation rentals , at low prices in every state in the 50 states.

Pros and Cons


  • Lost rental income insured
  • Founded by an experienced rental insurance team
  • No occupancy restrictions
  • Exclusively endorsed by HomeAway and Vrbo
  • Premises coverage extends beyond the home


  • Price increases if the host lives on the property
  • Liability insurance bundled with commercial insurance
  • Not on-demand coverage

Proper Insurance, a Maryland-based property and casualty insurance business provides an inclusive Lloyd’s of London insurance policy that focuses on short-term vacation rental properties’ particular dangers. The insurance policy covers the property’s owner and the property manager’s risk.

The policy was designed in the response for increasing the popularity of short-term rental insurance through platforms such as the Airbnb and also the absence of policies specifically designed for this kind of usage. Proper’s comprehensive policy that was specifically designed for short-term rental markets is the reason we named it the best overall.

Proper Insurance sell its policies directly on the companies on its website or by phone across every state. Proper provides online quotes on its website. The team of experts can analyze the needs of the client and provide a quote within five minutes. Proper Insurance offers service during regular hours of business through independent agents.

They also have an emergency number that is available 24/7 to submit an claim. Proper Insurance asks specific questions pertaining to hosting or renting a vacation home with Vrbo, Airbnb, or HomeAway which indicates the product’s design to cover peer-to peer and vacation rentals. The cost of their short-term rental insurance policies is between $1500 and $3500.

The cost of your insurance will differ depending on the amount of income you’d like to replace in the event that you lose your rental income each year and the amount of personal property you would like to be insured.

2. ALLSTATE (Best for Home Sharing)

If you are planning to rent out your house to temporary tenants, make sure you check our top pick, Allstate. We recommend Host Advantage as a low-cost method of adding protection for short-term rentals to homeowner policies, as well as its powerful mobile app.

Pros and Cons


  • Large network of agents
  • Policy bundling and other discounts
  • It’s easy to file claims


  • High rates compared with other insurers
  • Insurance only sold in six-month terms
  • Customer satisfaction ratings are average compared with other companies

If already a big fan of doing things via the internet or devices on the move, such as using the use of your Airbnb and Vrbo Account, you’ll be delighted with the mobile and online experiences offered by Allstate. Host Advantage lets it’s easy and affordable to include short-term rental insurance to your current Allstate policy, which makes the best choice for insurance that covers home-sharing.

Established in 1931, Allstate Insurance currently backs more than 113 million policies that are proprietary across the globe. Although it has an impressive online presence, Allstate also uses local agents who interact directly with customers to provide greater personal experience with insurance. Allstate has received with an A+ rating by AM the Best, and an A rating from S&P Global. Allstate landlord policies provide coverage for structures, dwellings and other structures on the property such as vandalism, burglary the fair rent, construction codes and the possibility of liability.

Hosts also have access to premises medical insurance that will pay medical expenses if anyone is injured at their premises. To protect yourself from financial loss, include flood insurance and umbrella coverage. You can request online a quote or speak to a live representative should you prefer. They provide 24/7 customer assistance, and coverage across all 50 states.

A short-term rental endorsement costs approximately $50, with a limited coverage of that can go up to $10,000 for personal items. It could cost as little as $4 a month if you include it in your Allstate auto insurance. Costs for insurance will differ based on the location, the size and age of the house and the amount of family liability or guest medical coverage you’re looking for.

3. CBIZ Vacation Rental Insurance( Best for Vacation Homes)

With CBIZ homeowners can benefit from the same policy as an insurance policy for their home as well as an insurance policy on rental properties for guests, and not have separate the two. Look into CBIZ to find the most suitable insurance policy for vacation home rental.

Pros and Cons


  • Less expensive than landlord or commercial property insurance
  • Available in all 50 states
  • Good marks for customer satisfaction


  • Coverage options are limited
  • Will only cover up to $5,000 in medical expenses due to a guest injury at your property

Through the creation of a full-coverage insurance policy which covers vacation properties while substituting the need for the landlord policy or dwelling insurance We believe CBIZ provides the best insurance for short-term rentals for holiday properties.

CBIZ was the very first brokerage to create specific policies to address the requirements of rental properties as well as the facilities provided by these companies. They have been insuring the properties of vacation rentals since 2002.As the biggest insurance provider for rentals for vacation homes within the U.S.

CBIZ provides specific insurance policies for rental and short-term vacation property owners, as well as the risks that are involved. They cover the cost of replacement for your building and contents, as well as damage caused by guests or loss of use and additional expense coverage in the event that the owner is occupied. Loss of rental income resulting from the loss of an insured property is also covered. CBIZ provides extensive liability coverage , which protects pools hot tubs, lakes bikes, exercise equipment, small watercrafts, and pets–as well as other amenities which other insurers shy from.

With CBIZ, you can apply online, or speak to live agents and a the customer service rep can assist with any issues with insurance via phone.There is no standard limits on occupancy and the coverage is offered in all fifty states. For personal and commercial liability of up at $2 million in value, the expected amount would be approximately $1,600 per year.

4. Nationwide (Best for Coverage Options)

For the largest selection of insurance options for your rental property, look up the Nationwide. You can also choose to extend protection beyond your home, to cover items stolen from your boat or vehicle which you could have on the rental property which makes it the most suitable option for protection options.

Pros and Cons


  • Extra coverage for valuables available
  • Annual On Your Side® insurance review
  • Bundling discounts available
  • Available nationwide


  • Mediocre customer satisfaction reviews
  • Customers can only talk to a sales or customer service representative during certain hours
  • Expensive premiums are higher than the national average

With an A- rating from AMBest, Nationwide insurance provides a variety of kinds of short-term insurance, like homeowners insurance condo/association insurance policies personal liability insurance, and umbrella insurance. They have earned the highest rating in protection options.

Founded by the government in 1926 Nationwide is formerly known as Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company is now an auto insurer that was small and with policyholders as its owners to become one of the biggest insurance and financial service companies across all over the world.

Get an online estimate or speak to licensed agents on the phone throughout the 48 states and the District of Columbia for quotes and account service.

Because Nationwide offers so many policies, prices may be more diverse than other companies that start at under $1,000 before increasing above the typical maximum of $3,000 for the year. The price of their short-term rental insurance will vary based on the deductible you select and the value of replacement for the home, the area of the property, the amenities available, and the extent of coverage selected.

Nationwide suggests you take out additional insurance for earthquake or flood risk in accordance with your rental property’s place of residence.

5. Farmers insurance(Best for Landlords)

If you’re a landlord with short-term rental insurance requirements there is no better alternative than Farmers. Its landlord insurance policy prepackaged covers liability insurance and complete property insurance, which includes insurance coverage for rents lost and private property and personal injuries and various other structures, such as garages, sheds and pools.

Pros and Cons


  • Policies available in all states
  • Discounts available for teachers, doctors, and some other professions
  • Bundling discounts available
  • Claim forgiveness prevents a rate increase for longtime customers after their first claim
  • Fewer complaints than expected, relative to its size
  • Deductibles decrease over time if no claims are made


  • Some coverages are only available as part of a package
  • The online quote tool offers several coverage options but doesn’t necessarily explain what those coverages are or what the limits are for filing a claim

Insurance for the landlord of Farmers is aware of the risk to temporary guests and the home as well as your business, which is why it’s our preferred insurance provider for landlords. You can design your own plan to deal with storm damages, a pipe burst an injury to a guest, and even the loss of rent when you have to recover from each of those setbacks.

Farmers Insurance was established in 1928, when California two partners John C. Tyler and Thomas E. Leavey thought that farmers could be less of a risk than other clients. The company is headquartered at Los Angeles, the Farmers Insurance Group today comprises around 46 different companies, with employing around 21,000 people, and 48,000 independent and exclusive agents. Farmers provides insurance for vehicles, homes and companies in every state. The company has an A-rating for financial stability by AM Best.

Farmers sells its insurance through an agent network. The homeowners can get a quote through its website or call the business. Quotes are accessible on the internet after providing the necessary information. homeowners are able to forward an exact copy of their estimate to a local agent to have a face-to-face experience. Prices fall within the typical price range of competitors that range from $1,000 to $3,000. Policyholders are able to use the Farmers mobile application to access identification cards, pay bills look up policy documents as well as set up payment reminders or file the claim.

While Farmers does provide bundling discounts, it doesn’t need you to cover your principal home with them to receive rental or vacation property insurance , as some insurance companies do.

6. American Modern (Best for Customer Service)

For your convenience, you are able to pay a bill, submit an insurance claim, or modify your policy on the internet. If you prefer talking to someone in person it is possible to also do that. American Modern is your best option for those who want to enjoy the best customer service available.

Pros and Cons


  • Will provide rental property insurance if you don’t have a primary residence policy with them
  • Specialty insurer for rented dwellings issuing policies for national insurers
  • Will cover older homes
  • Bundling discounts


  • Does not cover furnishings or additional structures in their standard plans
  • No online quote process

If you want a superior customer service experience that is designed to your convenience American Modern is your top choice. From creating the policy that best suits your needs best, to paying or filing claims over the course of the duration of the policy There isn’t anyone with a more convenient telephone and online customer service available in place.

Founded in 1938 American Modern issues policies in all 50 states , with the headquarters of Cincinnati, Ohio, with an AM Best financial strength rating of A+ (Superior). 6 American Modern offers short-term rental insurance as well as occasional rental policies.

The short-term rental policy of American Modern is able to be altered to allow lease terms that are shorter of three month. This is a great option for rentals that are Airbnb-style. If you lease your home for a period of time as a vacation house, you’d select their rental options for occasional rentals to cover rentals that are not frequent and have no set term.

The one drawback to American Modern regarding customer service and ease of use is that they don’t provide a quote online. Instead, with a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll get a list of their agents that are in your region. There, you can look over their profiles and compare them before choosing one to contact or email.

The policy’s average price is $2000 annually However, it can differ depending on the state you live in as well as coverage and deductible options for loss, liability or damage, as well as medical risk.Unlike other insurance providers, American Modern does not require that you have a primary home insurance policy with them to offer short-term rental coverage.

Furnishings and other structures like swimming pools and garages are not covered in the normal coverage but could be included in certain cases when you talk to your agent about your requirements in drafting your policy.

7. American Family Insurance (Best Affordable Option)

Short-term rental insurance costs average $2000, however if you lease your property in less than 62 consecutive days each year, American Family has the best value for your money as it allows you to add a rental for a short period to other insurance and also an endorsement from the landlord to lower your costs.

Pros and Cons


  • Add temporary rental coverage to existing policy
  • Bundling discounts
  • Loyalty discount
  • Generational discount if either of your parents is an American Family customer
  • Discounts for safety features and smart home devices


  • If you rent your property for more than 62 days per year, you may find better cost options elsewhere
  • Not available in all states

Costs for insurance coverage can mount to a considerable amount when you have a variety of options that reduce the risk. However, when you partner with American Family, their creativity can provide you with the most cost-effective option in the best scenario. If you lease your home for less than 62 days in a year it is possible to lower your expenses and pay for the amount you need by including temporary rental coverage as well as an endorsement from the landlord to your current policy.

This option is ideal for homeowners who already have an insurance policy for homeowners on an apartment lets out for approximately eight weeks per year in the form of a holiday rental for instance. It may also work for those who rent your home out via platforms such as Airbnb and Vrbo however the amount is under two months prior to the actual renting dates.

American Family’s online quote tool is simple to use. It asks you intelligent questions to help you comprehend your entire picture and identify your insurance requirements accurately. It is also possible to find an agent in your area on the website.

The firm only offers homeowners insurance policies for 19 states. You can make the cost of short-term rental insurance less expensive through American Family if you have an insurance policy for your home with American Family.

Therefore, you’ll only have to add short-term insurance and the landlord endorsement, which means you’ll pay the cost for 2 months’ insurance for short-term rentals or less, while keeping your costs within the $15-$30 amount over the 62-day period of usage. Other methods to cut your expenses down is by making use of the numerous discounts they provide when bundles, loyalty, safety features as well as the smart home devices.

American Family offers a few features that other insurance companies don’t usually cover, like siding damage, breakdown of equipment protection for your higher-priced appliances as well as smart home devices as well as identity theft insurance.

What Is Short-Term Rental Insurance?

Still, seasonal, or short terms of a many days to a week at a time, if you rent your home to guests for occasional. In fact, if you don’t have this specific type of content, you’re exposing yourself to a number of pitfalls. Short term reimbursement content isn’t for landlords who rent their parcels to tenants with plats. Short term reimbursement programs reduce your liability for effects like damage caused to your property while a guest is renting it for many days, physical property similar as jewelry or artwork stolen by a guest, and indeed digital theft by a guest who steals your identity and earnings access to your accounts. The other crucial element to short- term reimbursement insurance is that it protects you against the income you would lose if your property isn’t rentable, similar as if it’s under form.

Who Should Get Short-Term Rental Insurance?

 Still, Vrbo, or other platforms, if you rent your home for short stays on Airbnb. But it’s not about the platform. You may rent your cabin on the lake for eight summer weeks through referrals or review advertisements. That fits, too. Short term reimbursement insurance gives you the fresh content you need over and above your homeowner and dwelling programs to handle the new pitfalls that hosting short term guests brings to your life. However, short term reimbursement programs aren’t for you, If you’re a landlord with endless tenants. You ’ll need landlord insurance. Fortunately, there’s a growing list of options for the numerous conditions you need protection from when it comes to renting your property to short- stay guests.

Do Homeowners or Landlords Insurance Cover Short-Term Rentals?

Short- term reimbursement content fills in the gaps between a homeowner’s policy and a landlord policy. A good short term reimbursement policy will cover the loss of your income if your property can not be rented due to damages, and the performing repairs demanded to make it residency ready. You want to talk to your agent to see if you need dwelling content. Dwelling content is standard with homeowner’s insurance and landlord programs. It’s frequently not covered for short term settlements. How you personally use the property that you rent out to short- term guests will determine whether you ’ll want this fresh content.

How We Chose the Best Short-Term Rental Insurance

 We dug through the details on 16 short term reimbursement insurance carriers to find the stylish for these seven orders. We made sure they had solid conditions from AM Best and comparatively many consumer complaints registered with the NAIC to get a handle on their character in the request. We also wanted to see if they had options to customize their short-term reimbursement content, or if it was served to you in a one size fits all package. We preferred options and customizations to more fit different circumstances. Online quoting and account operation with the option to talk to a live agent always won out over just one or the other. People like to interact with their insurance companies in different ways, and we honored the carriers that understand that. All of our winners except two write programs in all 50 countries, and price ranges were competitive. A many companies stood out on price thanks to their capability to draft programs that charge you only for the days you actually have the property rented. Eventually we called out notable rejections and eliminations in case those particular particulars were applicable to your situation.


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