Top 10 Most Popular Pakistani People of All Time

Pakistan is the sixth-most populous country in the world. This article will feature some of these famous people who are related to Pakistan. Many Pakistanis have achieved international fame, including Shahid Afridi and Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Pakistan has many talented and genius people such as Shahid Afridi (Irfa Kareem), Wasim Akram / Madam Noor Jahan, Ustad Nusrat Ali Khan. Today we will discuss the most famous personalities in Pakistan who are working in their respective fields or whose work is still relevant even though they may not be as popular as Eidhi. Here is a list with the Top 10 Most Popular Pakistani People of All Time. This list is based upon popularity, fan following, and achievements in positive or adverse ways.

1. Imran Khan

Imran Khan

Time 100 has named Imran Khan, the 22nd Pakistan Prime Minister, as one of the most influential people. He is a former cricket player who led a country that was at crossroads. According to latest polling results from YouGov, Imran Khan is the 11th most admired foreign politician and the 81st hottest public figure. The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre has named Imran Khan “Man of Year” in the Muslim world. This independent research entity is affiliated with an Islamic non-governmental, independent institution headquartered in Jordan. Former cricketer, politician and celebrity from Pakistan. He was an international cricket player for more than two decades during the latter part of the 20th century. He was Pakistan’s most accomplished cricket captain, winning the 1992 Cricket World Cup. He left cricket to become a politician. Khan was elected chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, a political party that advocates for justice. Khan is a politician, cricket commentator and Chancellor of Bradford University. He also served as the Founding Chairman of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital & Research Center’s Board of Governors. He founded Namal College in Mianwali through worldwide fundraising.

2. Abdul Sattar Edhi

Abdul Sattar Edhi, Maulana Edhi, is the second most well-known Pakistani. He was a prominent Pakistani humanitarian, social activist, philanthropist and public figure. He was the founder of and the head of the Edhi Foundation. He was also the co-recipient of the 1986 Ramon Magsaysay Award in Public Service with his wife Bilquis Edhi. He was also the Balzan Prize and Lenin Peace Prize recipient. For his contributions, the Institute of Business Administration Pakistan awarded him an honoris causa doctorate in Social Service Management. Edhi was also conferred an honorary doctorate by University of Bedfordshire in September 2010. In 1985, Edhi was awarded the Nishan-e-Imtiaz award from the Government of Pakistan.

3. Shahid Khan Afridi

Most popular cricketer of all time. This is the third place for Sahibzada Mufti Shahid Khan Afridi (former Pakistani cricketer). He is best known for his aggressive style of batting. He holds the record of the fastest odi hundred, which he scored in his first international innings.

4. Dr. Israr Ahmad

Dr. Israr Ahmed is an Islamic philosopher, theologian and scholar. 4. On our list of the most famous Pakistani citizens. Dr. Israr Ahmad, founder of Tanzeem-e-Islami wrote over 60 books on Islam and Pakistan. Twenty nine books were translated into English as of 2017.

5. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan

Abdul Qadeer Khan is also known as Mohsin-e-Pakistan by some Pakistanis. A. Q. Khan was a Pakistani nuclear scientist, and a metallurgical engineering. He is commonly referred to as the founder of HEU based Gascentrifuge uranium enrichment programs for Pakistan’s integrated atomic weapon project. He was one the most prominent scientists in Pakistan and was involved with many scientific programs that were undertaken until his death.

6. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Nusrat Fateh Al Ali Khan is a musician, composer, and music director. He is undoubtedly one of the most well-known personalities in Pakistan. According to The New York Times, he is the greatest Sufi singer of Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi languages and one the most important qawwali performers in history. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is often referred to as “Shahenshah-e-Qawwali” (the King of Kings of Qawwali). LA Weekly called him the fourth greatest singer of all times.

7. Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram, the famous Pakistani cricketer, is widely regarded as one the greatest fast bowlers of all time. He was a true left-arm fast bowler, who could also bowl at a high pace. He was also a left-handed batsman and represented Pakistan in One Day International (ODI), and Test cricket matches. He holds the record for most wickets in List A cricket at 881. He is also second to Muttiah Muralitharan, a Sri Lankan off spin bowler, in terms of ODI wickets at 502.

8. Shoaib Akhtar

Former Pakistani cricketer, who is now considered one of the most skilled bowlers in modern cricket. Also known as “Pindi Express”. Shoaib Akhtar was a Punjabi boy who was born in a small village near Rawalpindi. He is one the most prolific cricketers. Akhtar holds a variety of fast bowling records. He has bowed at speeds of 161.3kph (3x), 160kph 3x and 159kph. The three fastest were against New Zealand in 2002, while the three slower were against Sri Lanka in 2002. Although he was the fastest bowler to ever bowl over 100 mph in cricket history, there are suggestions that other bowlers may have done it before he did.

9. Noor Jehan

Noor Jehan, Malika-e-Tarannum is history’s most famous singer. Noorjehan, a Pakistani actress and playback singer who was born Allah Rakhi Wasai in Pakistan, worked in British India before moving to Pakistan. Noor Jehan is considered to be the greatest singer of all time. She is also considered the first female director of a Pakistani film.

10. Reema Khan

Multi-talented Reema Khan is one of Pakistan’s most well-known actors. It is no surprise that we refer to her as Pakistani Madhuri dixit. Reema is a popular Lollywood actress, director, and producer. She ranked 8th in the list of most well-known Pakistanis. Since her 1990 debut, she has been in over 200 films.

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