Top 10 Most Expensive Things in the World

Watch Haute Joaillerie from Chopard

In this Article, We Share the list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Things in the World. Don’t Waste time Let’s Start!!!!

Top 10 Most Expensive Things in the World

1. Chess Set: Charles Hollander

Charles Hollander

Chess is considered as the king of games, and game played by King’s. Chess is played using a chessboard with sixty-four squires playing on it. The set consists of 32 pieces including bishops, kings, queens and pawns. It also includes rooks, Pawns. The price starts at $5. It is difficult to believe that something so simple can be so costly. The most expensive set of chess is priced at $600,000. The most expensive chess set is made through Charles Hollander. It has 320 carats worth of black and white diamonds were used to create the set. It’s being stated that in the near future another set of chess pieces made of diamonds, called Jewel Royale will be available on the market for $9.80000. In reality, it’s only as a concept until released to the public in the form of the highest priced set of chess.

2. Camera: Susse Freres Daguerreo

Camera: Susse Freres Daguerreo

Camera is popular device for photos. The price in the market starting at $30. It’s a shame to inform you that there exists an expensive camera, priced at $775,000. The Susse Freres Daguerreotype camera is considered to be one of the highest priced cameras up to. The most expensive Daguerreo Type camera was made in 1839. It is believed to be the first commercially produced camera ever made. It was a significant player of its own in the world of snapping , which increased the value of its camera and its price until it was sold at the auction of a private buyer in 2007.

3. Land (Real Estate): Tokyo, Japan

In various parts of the world , the cost of real estate on land varies. The price of land starts at cents per square meters. It’s difficult to imagine the fact that it is true that in Tokyo Japan the price of the land per square meter is $1,200. The eye-opening price is due to the fact that Tokyo is the city with the highest density of people on earth. Finding a new parcel of property in Tokyo is becoming more difficult every day. 10 years ago London was enjoying this status, Tokyo was able as one of the largest cities in the world in terms of the cost of its land (real real estate). If we look back 20 years then we can see it that Paris was the last candidate for this title. Today, all the top three costliest cities around the globe are Japanese cities.

4. Television set: Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition

Television set

A standard television might cost as low as $100. However, we’re going to show you one of the highest priced televisions in the world. The television model, namely Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition is often regarded as to be the most expensive TV in the world. Its cost is astonishingly $2.3 million. The unique thing about this TV set is that it’s made of a hand-sewn skin. It is also adorned with a an impressive amount of diamonds. These attributes allow the set to be among the most expensive of the. When it was made the set was designed with the belief that it could provide pleasure for its viewers, whether switched on or off.

5. Watch : Haute Joaillerie from Chopard

Watch  Haute Joaillerie from Chopard

A small, portable timepiece often worn with a strap on the wrist, is known as the watch. It’s not surprising to find out that a watch can prices of as high as $25 million. In general, the cost of an ordinary time-telling watch is as low as five dollars. However, here we’re going to present the most expensive watch in the world. To lessen the awe of the cost of this watch, we will inform you that this particular watch, namely Haute Joaillerie made by Chopard is adorned with the most valuable diamonds, which creates a sparkling mess. If we examine the glittery surface, it has no other purpose than to keep track of time, and it can achieve this with a watch that costs 5 dollars.

6. Piano: Heintzman Crystal


The piano is a basic stringed musical instrumentthat looks like the harp that is placed in a horizontal or a vertical frame. It is played by pressing keys, which cause hammers to hit the strings and create audible sound waves. A piano that is simple may have a starting price of 15 dollars , but this has the largest price for a piano in the world. The Heintzman Crystal piano is available for an estimated price of $3.22 million. This piano was built from Beijing China. It measures 9 feet in length. It was bought by a private person in an the auction.

7. Cell phone: iPhone 5 by Stuart Hughes

Cell phone iPhone 5 by Stuart Hughes

A portable phone that functions through the cellular radio system is known as the cell phone. It is a popular device nowadays, even by children. A typical cell phone is located between 20-2000 dollars. We will present to the most expensive cell phone in the history of phones. The iPhone 5 by Stuart Hughes the jeweler from Liverpool earlier created the diamond iPhone 4, Platinum MacBook Air and Gold iPad 2. It is the iPhone 5 with gold and diamonds is available for purchase at the market Price $15.3 Million. Think about the person who is having difficulty keeping track of their phone when you are in crowded areas, and think do you think of the person who is the fortunate owner of this expensive small device.

8. Hotel Room: Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson in Geneva

Room Royal Penthouse Suite

When we look around the hotel industry, we realize the American city Los Vegas is the most famous for its hotels and the capacity of its accommodation. In Los Vegas you find the most prestigious hotels in the world. The hotel’s rents vary according to their star classification. There are seven levels of facilities offered by hotels, and these levels are referred to as stars. Hotels’ rent is generally in the interval from $20 per night and up to the amount of 2000 dollars for a night. In this article, we will show one of the priciest hotel rooms around the globe in terms of rent. In this hotel that is the most expensive in the world, 10 rooms with the rent of $65,000 each night.

9. Cigar: Gurkha Black Dragon

The cigar is an oblong roll made of tobacco leaves that have been cured to smoke. Cigars are stored in chests. The minimum market price for a cigar could be lower than one dollar. If we are looking at the top-priced cigar in the world, we find it was a Gurkha Black Dragon cigar. The price of this most expensive cigar was $1150. The most costly Honduran cigar was launched in the year 2006. The Honduran cigars are delivered to your doorsteps in box made of camel bone. It is regrettable to inform cigar enthusiasts that only five chests were ever made from this most expensive cigar the world.

10. Feather: Extinct Huia Bird

Although it’s a fact, it could be awe inspiring to a normal person to find a feather so costly that the price could reach as high as $10,000. Feather is such an insignificant object that it is frequently utilized as a synonym for an insignificant thing. It is a bit of a surprise that there exists one feather that is that is regarded as one of the highest-priced feathers in the world. The most expensive feather in the world is located at New Zealand. Its value is in because it is the one that ruminates on the extinct bird Huia. It sold for nearly $10,000 at auction that took place in New Zealand.


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