Top 10 Most Expensive Tea in the World

Panda Dung Tea

In this Article, We Share the list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Tea in the World. Don’t Waste time Let’s Start!!!!

We all begin each mornings with a cup of tea. It is impossible to imagine the day that goes by without at least a couple of cups. If you’re someone who loves tea, then might not choose only any tea. You are always looking for the best for the top. You examine for the grade of tea leaves and the strength of the tea and the kind of flavor it provides, and choose the top one even if you need to spend a bit more. Even though that extra might not be less than a couple of dollars, you’ll be amazed to learn that some teas are sold for a expensive price. They are scarce and expensive, and we will be able to discover 10 of them immediately.

1. Diamond Tea Bags by PG Tips

Diamond Tea Bags by PG Tips

The well-known UK-based company, PG Tips, introduced this tea in the year 2005. The tea weighs about 2 grams. well-known Silver Tips Imperial Tea is contained in each of the tea bags which were developed by the well-known Boodles Jewelers. Additionally, each of these bags contains 280 of the finest diamonds. This is the reason it comes with an astronomical price of $15,000. It is also possible to check out the top ten list of expensive and useless items. Even if you are able to sample any of the teas on this list, think of yourself as extremely lucky as you’re sipping the tea of something that is not only expensive, but also extremely uncommon. Take your time and enjoy every sip, since only a handful of people are able to enjoy such exquisite tea.

2. Dà Hóng Páo Tea

Dà Hóng Páo Tea

This tea is special as it’s a royal tea. It’s made by Chinese in the Wuyi Mountains. It is believed to be component to the Oolong family. It was popularized when people came to know about its health properties after it was used to treat an sick Ming ruler. The King was so impressed he ordered that all Da Hong Pao plants be covered with red royal gowns. This is the reason why the tea is also known by the name of Imperial Red Robe and sells at $1.2 million per kilogram.

3. Panda Dung Tea

Panda Dung Tea

China is enjoying the harvest season , possibly the most bizarre and expensive tea. Panda Dung Tea is such an instance. It is located in China’s Sichuan province, Panda Dung tea is sold at $70,000 for a kilogram. It is named this because the plant uses the pandas’ excrement for its fertilizer. An Yanshi, an artist was the first to cultivate this tea and is the owner of the right to produce it. When it was first introduced on the market officially back in the year 2012, it would said to be the most expensive tea.

4. Narcissus Wuyi Vintage Oolong Tea

Narcissus Wuyi Vintage Oolong Tea

It is a Oolong tea was named in honor of the most well-known Greek mythological character, Narcissus. It is grown within Wuyi Mountains. Wuyi Mountains. It is oxidized up to 60%, and as it gets older it’s flavor only improves. To ensure that the old tea doesn’t end up becoming spoiled, it’s fired at least every two years. this allows it to dry out any excess moisture. Thanks to its rich flavorsthat include chocolate, flowers and wood. This tea is extremely expensive it will cost you $6500 for a kilogram.

5. Yellow Gold Tea Buds

Yellow Gold Tea Buds

The tea is described as expensive due to the leaves being coated with real 24-carat gold. This is a rare tea since it is only harvested at one specific place and for only on one day of the year. When the leaves are opened the tea being prepared is golden in color and is thought to be beneficial to health. The only place where you can purchase this tea is Singapore. It is also quite expensive and costs 3000 dollars per kilogram.

6. Tieguanyin


It is an oolong tea that is cultivated in China and is named in honor of Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin. There are two legends that are associated with Tieguanyin. One tells of the devotion of Wei an unemployed peasant to Guanyin the Goddess. He was then rewarded with a tea-seed. After he planted the sprout and it began to grow, it not only changed the destiny of Wei change , but also the fate of the whole village. The second story tells of Wang who was a scholar who found the plant beneath in the Guanyin rock. The plant was gifted to the Emperor Quilong and it became known by the name of Guanyin tea. The most premium form of Guanyin tea is priced at up to $3000 per kilogram.

7. Silver Tips Imperial Tea

Silver Tips Imperial Tea

It can be described as the most costly tea made in Darjeeling. It is grown from Darjeeling, West Bengal, by the Makaibari Tea Estate, which is owned by a firm called Luxmi Tea. Luxmi Tea is the first ever tea plantation to be established in the world. The tea is delicious tasting as well as a wonderful aroma. Interestingly, it was sold at a normal price of $400 per kilogram. In 2014 three buyers from USA, UK, and Japan purchased this pricey tea for a surprisingly high cost of $1850.

8. Poo Poo Pu-Erh Tea

Poo Poo Pu-Erh Tea

This tea is of the Yunnan province in China. It is also a source of insect feces which the tea gatherers meticulously gather. Although you might be taken by the idea and find it odd, the reality is that this tea is delicious and is well-known for its curative properties. If you’re thinking about what the price of a tea made from insect droppings could cost, consider a different perspective since it’s priced at $1000 for a kilogram.

9. Gyokuro


Gyokuro is one of the varieties of green tea. It’s an exotic tea that comes with the nice jade-colored tint. The typical Japanese Uji district, gyokuro is blended without crushing the leaves. It is sweet and has distinctive aroma. It is grown in shade. It takes approximately 2 weeks to be ready for harvesting. Each 1kg of tea is worth the sum of $650.

10. Tienchi Flower Tea

Tienchi Flower Tea

While it’s the lowest priced tea on the list, it’s popular not just for its place of cultivation China but also across the globe. It is among the most healthy teas you’ll ever encounter.  Teinchi flower tea Teinchi flower tea is used to treat a variety of conditions like allergies and insomnia as well as has fantastic cleansing properties. Its flavor is comparable to the tender broccoli leaves. One kilogram of tea costs $170.


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