Top 10 Most Expensive Construction Projects Ever in the World

The International Space Station

In this Article, We Share the list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Construction Projects Ever in the World. Don’t Waste time Let’s Start!!!!

1. The US Interstate Highway System – $459 Billion

While we go to look for the most expensive construction project of the world. We find that it is The Us Interstate Highway System. This project costed America $459 billion. It is the most expensive project of the world in the known human history. The President Dwight D. Eisenhower initiated it with the idea that it would help mobilize infantry in an emergency. He proposed the project as being crucial for national defense. Its basic purpose was not transportation. The project was initiated in 1956. This most expensive project of the world involved creating new routes, and converting old routs to serve as “interstates or interlinkers among American states.” Nebraska was the first state to complete all of its internal parts for the Interstate Highway System in 1974. The project was given the final touch in 1992, the I-70 through Colorado. This most expensive construction project has paid back to America many times than its cost price. The road web was very helpful while the hurricane Katrina was devastating everything.

2. The International Space Station – $150 Billions

The International Space Station

The project is multinational; The International Space Station is the second on our list of top costly construction projects. The modular research station orbiting in orbit called The International Space Station cost approximately $150 billion to construct. The countries that contributed to the construction of the station are: The US, Spain, Russia, Canada, France, Japan, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Germany as well as Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and Sweden. Another mystery regarding the fate for the ISS is that it is likely to sink into the ocean by 2020. It will happen following 26 years of service. It was the Space Shuttle and Russian rockets were the primary tools employed to build the ISS. All of the modules utilized for the mission were designed on Earth and then assembled in space.

3. Kashagan Fields – $116 Billions

The third most expensive construction project in the world is the Kashagan fields. $116 billion has been invested to repair the problem. It’s a multi-national project. The companies that are involved include: Total, Shell, Exxon Mobil, China National Petroleum Corp and China National Petroleum Corp, with Shell being responsible for its production stage. It is an oil extraction project which was first launched within the Caspian Sea. The Kashagan Fields are the biggest oil discovery that has been made over the past 40 years. The project is expected to generate more than 90,000 barrels of oil daily after the year 2018. A series of unexpected issues caused the project to be slightly behind, like leaks in the pipes. Another reason in causing delays was the fact that the fields were under intense pressure, which makes drilling in them extremely risky for the entire. In spite of all the obstacles, it is currently in operation.

4. King Abdullah Economic City – $86 Billions

King Abdullah economic City project is among the most expensive construction projects in the world. It ranks 4th on the list of projects. It isn’t yet finished. Once it is completed it will be King Abdullah Economic City will be expected to cost an estimated around $86 billion. It is located just over an hour from Makkah The city that is being constructed is sure to be an impressive new tourist destination to Saudi Arabia. The city will have entertainment venues, top-of-the-line hotels, a variety of luxurious villas, a few major universities, as well as a huge airport. This King Abdullah economic City is mostly being developed by the international real estate firm Emaar Properties. Emaar Properties is famous for its construction of the world’s highest structure which is the Burj Al Khalifa located in Dubai. Another company Ericsson is involved in the development of technology of information and communication.

5. Dubailand – $76 Billions

Dubailand is the fifth project on the list of most expensive projects in the world. The design of Dubailand is built on Arabian Folklore, specifically the story of Alaf Laila Wa Laila which is One Thousand and One Nights. The project, which has estimated costs in the range of $76 Billion was initially conceived with enthusiasm, but construction was cut off in 2008 due to an economic crisis in Dubai. It was revived in 2013. If it is completed it will become one of the biggest as well as most costly entertainment venues worldwide. It will include a Disney themed park an IMAX theater, as well as other attractions are part of its plans. The motivation behind the venture was the belief that Dubai required a major tourist attraction targeted at families, in order to rival similar cities across the world in tourism. Dubai sought to enhance its reputation more than just a trading domains and also.

6. Songdo International Business District – $40 Billions

One of the most expensive developments in the world, Songdo International Business District stands sixth on the list. South Korea has launched this project close to Incheon International Airport. The estimated cost of the project will be $40 billion. The project is currently being constructed on land that has been reclaimed from ocean off Seoul, South Korea. It will be an “smart city” like no other, featuring automatic recycling facilities, WiFi, as well as other technological advancements. Korea is the only nation to show this model to the world. A few models of famous landmarks from other cities will be constructed there and include one of Central Park. According to blue print designs, it will include an island that is small and full of numerous birds, rabbits and deer which roam throughout the. Songdo IBD is being built to draw tourists and businesses. China is also a following up on this initiative, but with no clear blue print.

7. California High Speed Rail – $33 Billion

The seventh-highest cost construction project in around the globe will be California High Speed Rail. The estimated cost is 33 billion US dollars. The project began in 2015 and will complete Phase 1 in 2029. This California High-Speed Rail project is already over its original budget. The main purpose behind the project (one of the largest and most cost-intensive in the entire world as per Obama’s plans) is to link a few of the largest US cities using high-speed rail. As per the plan it is expected that the first section will link Merced up to Bakersfield. In the end, it will connect San Francisco and Los Angeles. The rails used in this project can be expected to reach speeds of as high as 220 miles per hour, connecting different states of America.

8. Kansai International Airport – $29 Billions

Japan Kansai International Airport ranks 8th on the list of most expensive construction projects in the world. It cost $29 billion for its construction. The airport is situated in an artificially created island built to withstand the frequent earthquakes and waves that tidalize the region. The other reason for constructing it on it was the need to prevent health problems caused by noise. The reason for its creation was because Kobe as well as Osaka were losing business to Tokyo. With this in mind, it was planned to build the airport. The plans were formulated in the early 1960’s. Support columns made of metal and other structural elements have been added through the years to keep sinking. Another terminal was added in 2012 and linked directly to Terminal 1 via a free shuttle. It is situated just off Japan within the heart of Osaka Bay.

9. The Big Dig – $23.1 Billion

Another US project is ranked 9th on the list of most expensive construction projects in the world. The project, which has the title of BIG DIG is estimated to have a amount of$23.1 Billion. According to the plan there is a possibility to reroute major highways within the Boston region. The principal route of the highway network in the region, Route I-93, was altered to pass directly beneath the city’s middle. It’s unfortunate to consider that many obstacles stood behind this project and included sunken vessels that needed to be anthropologically examined prior to they could be relocated. It was reported that the Big Dig ended over ten years behind on schedule. It cost millions more than what it was originally expected to. It’s an unwise thing to learn that it was plagued by administrative and financial issues and design flaws that the state was required to pay almost $400 million to compensate for. Tragically, one fatality was caused during construction after the concrete slab fell on an automobile from the roof in Fort Point Channel Tunnel. Fort Point Channel Tunnel.

10. The Channel Tunnel – $22.4 Billion

On the list of highest-cost construction ventures in all time, The Channel Tunnel comes at the 10th spot. This project is also referred to in the form of the “Chunnel,” by French part of the project because the Channel Tunnel is located underneath the waterway that runs between Southern coastline of England and the Northern coast of France. The channel, which is 31 kilometers long was designed to increase trade and commerce with England as well as France. It cost 15 French and British firms $22.4 billion to be completed. It is run by the financing company Eurotunnel. Even though the initial cost was lower than the amount of the project. The main reason was Escalating demand for security, safety as well as environmental safeguards. Tunnel boring machines started digging for the project in 1988. Then, in 1994 the tunnel began to become operational. It was so tragic that 10 workers were killed during the building phase. This Channel Tunnel comprises of three components Two rail tunnels which measure 25 feet in diameter each, and a service tunnel measuring 16 meters in length. Each span 31 miles underground. There’s a long, tragic record of mishaps and mishaps involving this channel. There have been numerous fire incidents that took place in the Channel Tunnel. These incidents not only caused serious injuries, but also claimed many lives too.


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