Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World


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Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

What are the most difficult and risky jobs available? A cozy office job is the aroma of a hot cup of tea sales, conferences for accounts as well as a comfortable seat to sit and relax on. It’s an everyday thing for the majority of people to take bags and head to the office. However, on the opposite side of the city there is one man fighting against all odds to fill up the food pantry at his home. Many workers fall victim to the dangers of the environment or suffer injuries sustained when they work. The toughest jobs in the world do not necessarily be the toughest.

1. Bodyguard

Bodyguard Most Dangerous Jobs

One of the most dangerous and difficult jobs is Bodyguard. It is a job that pays as a human shield to someone like a rock star, president or businessperson. A bodyguard is a kind of security operative or agent who guards a particular person or group of people, typically one who is wealthy, famous or politically significant person from harm; typically, it is abduction, theft, kidnapping and homicide, harassment and the loss of private information and threats or criminal offenses.

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2. Construction Site Foreman

Construction Site Foreman

Construction is among the most challenging fields in the field. Foreman is accountable for the overall smooth running of projects. The risk of fatalities is high occurring each day on construction sites. Foreman are exposed to the heights, making it easier for workers to slip the step and fall onto the floor. A worker could be thrown from the vehicle, or be electrocuted and be buried beneath the ground. He could be exposed to toxic chemical substances asbestos, toxic industrial solvents, dust, and smoke in the workplace.

3. Electrition


A number of hazardous and life-threatening occupations is that of electricians. Being exposed to electricity wires that are live could be very dangerous. Electricians should be cautious when engaged in the work of circuit assembly and overhead electrical wires as well as cable harnesses. There is a danger of electrocution-related death and fires, highs carbon monoxide poisoning electrical shocks and even explosives in certain instances. Equipment that is old or damaged could cause the death of a person. The constant irritation comes through the vibrations and loud noises that occur when working with electricity.

4. Firefighter


Firefighters, also known as firemen, are rescuers with extensive training in firefighting. Their primary task is to put out dangerous fires that can harm property and civilians or natural populations. Additionally, they help rescue individuals from dangers; such as burning or collapsed structures. They leap in to save kids as well as property and adults without thinking about the safety of themselves. The structures that are destroyed by fire contain asbestos which can be extremely harmful to humans. The asbestos particles burn and easily enter the air around them, causing dangers to health. The body may become full of chemicals, dust smoke and other debris that can lead to deadly diseases such as mesothelioma, pleural mesotheliom. The first signs of symptoms take some time to show up, but by the time the condition is out of control.

5. Fisherman


Crab fishing in Alaska is among the most hazardous jobs around the globe, and possibly the one with the greatest number of deaths up to now. Have you ever wondered why crabs are so costly? Sure, the fact that it is a rare meat is one reason but a second but less known fact is that people and women who are by fishing crabs in freezing waters are at the top of the job death rate.

6. Logging


Logging can be dangerous all year round however, the dangers of seasonal logging peak in the fall and late summer because the most fatalities occur during July, September and October. Many people rank this occupation more highly, since logging has been a consistent selection on top job-related dangerous lists. Loggers are required to walk in freezing temperatures. They are a small percentage of job growth. They are able to extract timber from forests for the commercial sector. The tree is cut down and cut up, dragged and transported to trucks, and then removed to be cut into smaller pieces.

7. Miner


American society has changed from a more industrial society to a more service-oriented and service-oriented, which is why “miner” is less mentioned in these lists. However, this doesn’t change the fact that it is a profession that causes health issues in the future and can cost lives when accidents occur. It is among the most hazardous jobs. Miners who work in the mines are exposed to huge quantities of Silica dust, which can cause silicosis also known as Potter’s Rot. This causes swelling and nodular lesions within the lung.

8. Painter


Painter has the responsibility of making a space look more attractive with the use of vibrant colors. They must also climb over precarious heights to reach areas that have paint. These circumstances can lead to accidents and falls. Unstable postures while painting can affect the spine in a negative way. This causes muscle and skeletal issues.

9. Communications-Tower Climbing

Tower Climbing

Tower climbing is the most dangerous job on the U.S. According to the head of the OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Edwin Foulke Jr. Foulke says that many deaths occur when a tower is being constructed and dismantling, retrofitting, or removal and are usually caused by climbers not being connected to a safe anchorage point, or having faulty personal safety equipment. We are accustomed to that it’s easy to use a mobile and make a call from nearly anyplace. We share this freedom is attributable to the dedication of people with lives at risk every single day. They ensure that the infrastructure needed for mobile communication developing and well-maintained. We owe them a special thank you.

10. Truck Driver

Truck Driver

Truck drivers are special people who live in the open air and work non-stop on their quest to transport items across the world. They’ve had to deal with difficult roads, dangerous drivers, and sleepless nights which could cause tragic outcomes. This is why it’s among the most hazardous occupations.


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