Top 10 Most Beautiful Faces in the World

Antonia Iacobescu

In this article, We Share the Top 10 Most Beautiful Faces in the World. Don’t Waste time Let’s Start!!!!

Top 10 Most Beautiful Faces in the World

1. Lisa (Lalisa Manoban)

Lisa (Lalisa Manoban)
Image by Instagram

Lalisa Manobal, known mononymously as Lisa, is a Thai musician, singer, and dancer who is based in South Korea. She is part of the South Korean girl group Blackpink founded under the banner of YG Entertainment. Lisa made her debut as a solo artist with her debut album Lalisa in the month of September in 2021.

Lisa (Lalisa Manoban) Date of Birth

March 27, 1997

Lisa (Lalisa Manoban) Age

24 years

Lisa (Lalisa Manoban) Height

1.67 m

Lisa (Lalisa Manoban) Weight

101. 41 lbs.

Lisa (Lalisa Manoban) Country


Lisa (Lalisa Manoban) Net Worth

$10 million

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2. Banita Sandhu

Banita Sandhu
Image by Instagram

Banita Sandhu is a dazzling and beautiful British actress. Born on the 22nd of June 1997 in Caerleon United Kingdom. She graduated from English literature from the King’s London College. She made her debut in the year 2018 in the form of a Hindi film that was released in October. Following this, she appeared in the Tamil film “Aditya Verma”.Banita is also a part of her own American Science fiction series 2019. She is among the beautiful and young actresses who have one of the Most Beautiful Faces in the World.

Banita Sandhu Date of Birth

June 22, 1997

Banita Sandhu Age

24 years

Banita Sandhu Height

inches- 5′ 6”

Banita Sandhu Weight

110 lbs

Banita Sandhu Country


Banita Sandhu Net Worth

5.5 Crore INR

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3. Yaya (Urassaya Sperbund)

Yaya (Urassaya Sperbund)
Image by Instagram

Urassaya Sperbund is among the most well-known Thai Norweigan actresses, and among the models with the most stunning looks. Urassaya is popularly known as Yaya. Born on the 18th of March 1993, in Pattaya city in Thailand. Her fame was boosted by her part as Duang Jai Akkanee, Crown Princess Duang Jai Akkanee as well as Crown Princess, and a variety of other roles. She was the recipient of “TV gold awards” for the top leading actress”. She has the Most Beautiful Faces.

Yaya (Urassaya Sperbund) Date of Birth

March 18, 1993

Yaya (Urassaya Sperbund) Age

28 years

Yaya (Urassaya Sperbund) Height

1.7 m

Yaya (Urassaya Sperbund) Weight

48 kg

Yaya (Urassaya Sperbund) Country


Yaya (Urassaya Sperbund) Net Worth

$0.5 Million

4. Jourdan Dunn

 Jourdan Dunn
Image by Instagram

Jourdan Sherise Dunn is among the renowned British model and actress. Her birth date was August 3 90 in Greenford, United Kingdom. She is the most beautiful and beautiful girl around the globe. In 2006, Jourdan Dunn was photographed at Hammersmith Primark and after that she was transferred to join The Squad management in London.

Jourdan Dunn Date of Birth

August 3, 1990

Jourdan Dunn Age

31 years

Jourdan Dunn Height

1.83 m

Jourdan Dunn Weight

57 kg

Jourdan Dunn Country


Jourdan Dunn Net Worth

$13 Million

5. Emma Watson

Emma Watson is the most well-known English actress as well as an activist. Emma Watson is her full name. Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson. Her birth date was 15 April in Paris, France. Emma is the most well-known actress in Blockbusters and Independent films. Emma becomes a social activist through her outstanding work in support of women’s rights.

Emma Watson Date of Birth

April 15, 1990

Emma Watson Age

31 years

Emma Watson Height

1.65 m

Emma Watson Weight

53 kg

Emma Watson Country


Emma Watson Net Worth

$80 million

6. Sonia Ben Ammar

Sonia Ben Ammar
Image by Instagram

Sonia Ben Ammar is the most well-known Tunisian and French model and singer. Born on the 19th of February, 1999, in Paris France. Sonia graduated from her school, the University of California. Sonia is the child of Tarak Ben Ammar, an acclaimed producer of films. Sonia’s mother is an acclaimed actress. In 2013, she had her debut in “Jappeloup”.

Sonia Ben Ammar Date of Birth

February 19, 1999

Sonia Ben Ammar Age

22 years

Sonia Ben Ammar Height

1.7 m

Sonia Ben Ammar Weight

49 kg

Sonia Ben Ammar Country


Sonia Ben Ammar Net Worth

$81 Million 

7. Adelaide Kane

Adelaide Kane
Image by Instagram

Adelaide Victoria Kane is commonly called Adelaide Kane and Addy. The most well-known Australian actress as well as a stunning Model. Adelaide was born on the 9th of August, 90 in Claremont, Australia. Adelaide graduated from her primary or secondary schooling at St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls.

Adelaide Kane Date of Birth

August 9, 1990

Adelaide Kane Age

31 years

Adelaide Kane Height

1.63 m

Adelaide Kane Weight

50 kg

Adelaide Kane Country


Adelaide Kane Net Worth


8. Antonia Iacobescu

Antonia Iacobescu Most Beautiful Faces
Image by Instagram

Antonia Iacobescu is considered to be one of the most stunning Romanian music and vocalists. Born on the 12th of April 1989, in Bucharest Romania. Her name was in the news after the release of “Morena”. Then, she had remarkable achievements in her career.

Antonia Iacobescu Date of Birth

April 12, 1989

Antonia Iacobescu Age

32 years

Antonia Iacobescu Height

1.78 m

Antonia Iacobescu Weight

56 kg

Antonia Iacobescu Country


Antonia Iacobescu Net Worth

$2.5 million

9. Ju Jingyi

Ju Jingyi
Image by Instagram

Ju Jingyi is one of the most stunning singers along with models of China. Her birth date was June 18, 1994. She was born in Suining, China. She was a part of the group idol SNH48 from China. Every year, elections were held within this group and she was chosen as the only one of 100 members.

Ju Jingyi Date of Birth

June 18, 1994

Ju Jingyi Age

27 years

Ju Jingyi Height

1.59 m

Ju Jingyi Weight


Ju Jingyi Country


Ju Jingyi Net Worth

$1.5 Million

10. Golshifteh Farahani

Golshifteh Farahani
Image by Instagram

Golshifteh Farahani is one the most beautiful and sexiest actors from Iran. Born on the 10th of July 1983, in Tehran, Iran. Golshifteh Farahani earned more than 30 in her acting career. She also gained recognition all over the world.

Golshifteh Farahani Date of Birth

July 10, 1983

Golshifteh Farahani Age

38 years

Golshifteh Farahani Height

1.69 m

Golshifteh Farahani Weight

56 Kg

Golshifteh Farahani Country

French Iranian

Golshifteh Farahani Net Worth

$1 Million


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