Top 10 Most Beautiful Butterflies in the World

Blue Morpho

In this Article, We Share the list of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Butterflies in the World. Don’t Waste time Let’s Start!!!!

Which is the world’s most beautiful butterfly you have ever seen? Blue Morpho Butterfly is the most beautiful , as are 9 other gorgeous butterflies around the globe. Butterflies are among the most beautiful and varied insects in the world. There are more than two million species of gorgeous insects and each is breathtakingly gorgeous. You might have also had the pleasure of seeing many butterflies and might think that they are the most attractive to be seen, but once you look through this list, you’ll realize that you haven’t seen the most beautiful yet.

1. Blue Morpho

Blue Morpho

It is among the largest and most stunning butterflies that exists. Most of them are found in rainforests of Central as well as South America. It is easy to identify an morpho butterfly in blue with their bright blue wings, which have black edges. Male morpho butterflies appear more vibrant in color than the females. The underside of these butterflies’ wings are brown in color , and it has numerous eyespots. The back part of the wings enable butterflies to disguise themselves to hide themselves from predators such as birds, frogs, as well as Lizards.

2. Zebra Longwing Butterfly

Zebra Longwing Butterfly

It is the official butterfly of Florida and, as its name implies it is it is a Zebra longwing butterfly is a large, small wings that have Zebra-like stripes. The wings are mostly black and feature yellow stripes. The bottom and top portion of the wings display the same pattern , however the lower part of the wings is much lighter than the top part. Beautiful butterflies can be seen within Central as well as South America and their wingspan can vary from 72 to 100 millimeters.

3. Peacock Pansy

Peacock Pansy

The thing that makes the peacock pansy unique are their gorgeous eyespots. The butterflies are native to South Asian countries. The upper portion of the wings have an orange-yellow color with brown edges. Also, there are coastal bars, and “peacock eyespots”. If you look closely at the lower section of the wings, the spots will be more evident. The pattern on the peacock’s underside pansy’s wings vary with seasons. This is another aspect that is amazing concerning this insect.

4. Eighty Eight Butterfly

Eighty Eight Butterfly

The beautiful butterfly comes from Central as well as South America. The black and white stripes on their wings outline”88′. This exact number is found on all 12 varieties of diaethria butterflies. The pattern and coloring are different for each species. The upper portion of the Eighty Eight butterfly’s wings is black, and they have a band of blue and green on their front wings. The lower portion of the wings is black with markings on white and red. The strength and brightness of the black markings vary among the different eighty-eight butterflies.

5. Giant Owl Forest Butterfly

Giant Owl Forest Butterfly

The massive butterflies of the owl are most well-known by the eyespots on their wings which appear like the eyes of a real person. They are part of the family of butterflies called owls and is native to Central as well as South America. The wingspan of these large butterflies is vary between 13 and 16 centimeters. The eye-like patterns on their wings are reminiscent of the eyes of a variety of predators. They can effortlessly escape predators such as Lizards or frogs. They additionally, they can be a threat to many smaller creatures. The upper wings of the giant owl forest butterflies is yellowish brown and has purple borders. They primarily feed on fruits and can live for a period of 125-150 days.

6. Sylphina Angel

Sylphina Angel

The sylphina butterflies sport nearly transparent wings. They are widespread across Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru. The transparent inner part of these butterflies are lined with beautiful black outer wings. Their beautiful tails display the appearance of blue, pink, and green tones. The majority of the time, they are hidden beneath the plants’ leaves and fly only when there is full sun.

7. Apollo Butterfly

Apollo Butterfly

The Apollo butterfly is beautiful with a white body and beautiful eye spots on the wings. On the front wings that these butterfly have, you’ll be able to observe many black eyespots. The hindwings feature four eyespots of red. The Apollo butterfly can be found in a few areas in France, Spain, and Italy. The size and brightness of the red eyespots differ according to the area they’re located at. They are not just appreciated for their beauty but their defensive tactics also make them appealing. As larvae, Apollo butterflies are dark in shade and camouflage themselves with the color. But, adult butterflies are unable to make use of the color to disguise themselves but they emit a sour smell to repel predators.

8. Glasswinged Butterfly

Glasswinged Butterfly

Like the name suggests, this butterfly has stunning transparent wings. Also called greta Oto, this type of butterfly is found in Colombia in both Mexico. Thanks to their transparent wings, it is extremely difficult for predators such as reptiles or birds to catch them. It’s mostly because of their bordering of reddish brown that they are quite visible, not always however. They primarily consume a flower known as the lantana.

9. Emerald Swallowtail

Emerald Swallowtail

The butterfly is part of a large family of butterflies called swallowtails and is home to 550 species around the globe. The emerald-colored swallowtail is among the largest and most beautiful butterflies that exist. They are found mostly throughout Southeast Asia and have wings with shining green bands. The color of the wings also includes blue and yellow reflections, while the underside of these butterflies is black and orange in color. If you look at the wings’ undersides, you’ll also notice a lot of blue spots along the edges.

10. Dead Leaf Butterfly (Orange Oakleaf)

This butterfly is a perfect example of a beautiful animal camouflage. The underside of the wing of the dead life butterfly is dark brown. The veins and irregular designs on wings create a appear like dead leaves. But its upper parts are stunning colors, including brown, white, orange and blue. They are often referred to as Indian leaf butterflies. They can be found in tropical forests across Asia.


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