Top 10 Hottest Russian Women

Maria Sharapova

In this Article, We Share the list of the Top 10 Hottest Russian Women. Don’t Waste time Let’s Start!!!!

Top 10 Hottest Russian Women

1. Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova

The famous tennis player is among the most gorgeous and most hot Russian woman. She was the winner of the Grand Slam double title and is known as the ‘Spice Girls for Tennis’. Her professional career has brought her numerous endorsement agreements. She has also appeared in a variety of TV shows and is an ambassador for the Population Service International’s Global Five & Alive program. Her timeless beauty has gotten her on magazine covers like Sports Illustrated and FHM among other magazines.

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Anna Kournikova Age

40 years

Anna Kournikova Date of Birth

June 7, 1981

Anna Kournikova Height

1.73 m

Anna Kournikova Weight

56 kg

Anna Kournikova Country


Anna Kournikova Net Worth

$50 Million

2. Natalia Vodianova

Supernova, also known as ‘Supernova’, is the most well-known and sought-after Russian model as well as she is the UN Goodwill Ambassador. As an philanthropist she created the “Naked Heart Foundation”. She has been honored with awards like ‘Inspiration of the Year’ as well as Women of the Year. She has also been associated with American and Europe designer brands like “Ready to Wear” and has fought for brands such as H&M, Calvin Klein, and Hugo Boss among others. In addition, she has been involved in films such as Clash of Titans and Swan Lake.

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Natalia Vodianova Age

40 years

Natalia Vodianova Date of Birth

February 28, 1982

Natalia Vodianova Height

1.76 m

Natalia Vodianova Weight

52 kg

Natalia Vodianova Country


Natalia Vodianova Net Worth

$8.6 million

3. Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova Hottest Russian Women

This former tennis player, who was primarily involved to Women’s Tennis Association was once placed as No.1. She has won five Grand Slam titles and 3 double championships. Apart from being a model she has also been a model for magazines such as Sports Illustrated and Sports Illustrated and has endorsed brands such as Nike as well as Prince. Additionally, she has been an UNDP Goodwill Ambassador, and was ranked as the highest-paid athlete an entire 11 years. In the near future, she could be in the list of hall of famers in the ranks of Russia’s most gorgeous and popular Russian women.

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Maria Sharapova Age

35 years

Maria Sharapova Date of Birth

April 19, 1987

Maria Sharapova Height

1.88 m

Maria Sharapova Weight

59 kg

Maria Sharapova Country


Maria Sharapova Net Worth

$39 million

4. Alina Kabaeva

Sportspersons can be brave as also beautiful and hot. The woman is Russian managing the media, former gymnastand politician. She was elected the State Duma Deputy and the chairperson of the board directors for the National Media Group. As gymnast, she helped in the development of the back split pivots and the ring position as well as the pivot for back that is known as “The Kabaeva’. Additionally, she appeared in a well-known Japanese film called “Red Shadow.”.

Alina Kabaeva Age

38 years

Alina Kabaeva Date of Birth

May 12, 1983

Alina Kabaeva Height

1.64 m

Alina Kabaeva Weight

46 kg

Alina Kabaeva Country


Alina Kabaeva Net Worth

$10 million

5. Glukoza

Her career in music began through the producer known as Maxim Fadeev. In addition, she has been featured in numerous films such as Triumph as well as War of the Princess. Her most popular albums and singles include English Bride, It’s Snowing and I Wanted to be a Groom as well as many other. She has been honored with awards like “Best Russian Act’ and ‘Breakthrough of the Year’. She has been a brand ambassador for brands like Avon Color Trend, Motivi Clothing along with My Scene dolls. Three fragrances were also made under her name. She is among the most gorgeous and hot Russian women, with a lot of beauty and talent.

Glukoza Age

35 years

Glukoza Date of Birth

June 7, 1986

Glukoza Height

1.65 m

Glukoza Weight

34 years old

Glukoza Country


Glukoza Net Worth

$1.5 Million

6. Dana Borisova

She is popular Russian presenter on TV. After finishing her TV journalism classes, she soon became the main character on famous TV shows like Congratulations. In 1993, she was greeted with massive critical acclaim and was called “the most beautiful and fragile blonde”. She was also a part in the Russian show ‘Who wants to become the next Millionaire’. Additionally, she is involved in films such as Maximum Impact and TV series such as Fort Boyard and the last hero. She has been awarded many acclaims for her role for her performance as an actress who is considered to be among the most beautiful and hot Russian women.

Dana Borisova Age

45 years

Dana Borisova Date of Birth

June 13, 1976

Dana Borisova Height

1.7 m

Dana Borisova Weight

51 kg

Dana Borisova Country


Dana Borisova Net Worth

$250 million

7. Victoria Bonya

These Russian stunning and stunning women have displayed their skills on the television screen for a number of years. She is the wife of the well-known Irish billionaire. She is also a part of the prestigious Miss Beauty Pageant’ in which she was a representative of her country. . According to reports, she was accused of being a Russian spy, but the reality were not the same. She has a distinctive style and personality, and prefers to remain in the shadows in her private life. Her social media followers , which exceed a million indicates that she is among the most stunning and hot Russian women.

Victoria Bonya Age

42 years

Victoria Bonya Date of Birth

November 27, 1979

Victoria Bonya Height

1.69 m

Victoria Bonya Weight

41 years

Victoria Bonya Country


Victoria Bonya Net Worth

 $1.5 Million

8. Alsou

It is a Russian performer and actress has been well-known for the song’solo’. She was also an important participant in the Eurovision Song contest. The couple is an Jewish millionaire and has two children. Her singing career began when she signed a record contract with Universal Music. Some of her most popular Singles and albums include “Before You love me”, ‘Inspired’ and “Love yo back’. She also won an award at the World Music Awards in 2001. In particular, she performed an duet in 2001 with Bon Jovi for the song “living in a Prayer”.

Alsou Age

38 years

Alsou Date of Birth

June 27, 1983

Alsou Height

1.73 m

Alsou Weight

54 Kg

Alsou Country


Alsou Net Worth

$9.84 million

9. Anna Semenovich

She certainly has a lot of talent as an Singer as well as model, and an ice-dancer in the past. She began performing in the field of singing after she achieved huge success on the ice. The beautiful face has also appeared in movies with a cult following, such as “Hitler goes to Kaput,” and “Love and Monsters” among other. Her popularity is due to her beauty and talent well shows up on social media platforms such as Instagram as well as Twitter. Her amazing height, beautiful attitude, and glam make she one of Russia’s most gorgeous and hot Russian women.

Anna Semenovich Age

44 years

Anna Semenovich Date of Birth

March 1, 1978

Anna Semenovich Height

1.69 m

Anna Semenovich Weight

65 kg

Anna Semenovich Country


Anna Semenovich Net Worth

$1 million

10.  Nyusha

The singer is Russian singer and R&B musician and singer famous for her hits such as “Nye Perebivay” and “Vibirat Chudo”. Her career began in the early years of her life and was the winner of the MUZ TV Award for the “best song category. The latest single and album is named ‘Solar art Sky Knows’ and ‘Solar Art’ respectively. Before becoming famous she was a part of the group known as “Grizli”. Her attractive looks and talent make she one of Russia’s most gorgeous and popular Russian women.

Nyusha Age

31 years

Nyusha Date of Birth

August 15, 1990

Nyusha Height

 5 ft 5 in (167.0 cm)

Nyusha Weight

54 kg

Nyusha Country


Nyusha Net Worth

$1.5 Million


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