Top 10 Hottest News Anchors in the World 2022

Kimberly Guilfoyle

In this Article, We Share the list of the Top 10 Hottest News Anchors in the World 2022. Don’t Waste time Let’s Start!!!!

Top 10 Hottest News Anchors in the World 2022

Top ten hottest news anchors world 2022. News, well let’s just say it can be quite boring. I hate it when the news channels come on. Pointless debate, news about destruction is what’s going on these days. If you put on one news channel, it will show an explosion, while another will show a certain president (take this hint), while the third one will show the rise and fall of inflation. I’m not even a news person. In rare occasions I do check the news channels, but not because the news is important to me, but because I am more interested in the person delivering the news. You have guessed right. NEWS ANCHORS ARE VERY HOT. I have often watched hot guys talk as I flipped through the news. Hot is the only word for what they do. The women aren’t far behind. Let me just clarify that I’m not a straight woman, but I admire these news anchors. The ladies are equally amazing. Today we’ll focus on the 10 most recognizable news anchors across the globe in 2022. Now, ladies, take these names down and begin to search for your favorite “news channel”

1. Anna Kooima

Take a look at the beautiful woman. Oh my goodness, her eyes are stunning and her hair is flawless. She looks amazing in blonde. Courtney Friel of USA could be telling the worst news. However, it would not be easy to ignore her and focus on what is important. Guys, you may want to add KTLA TV to your cable.

2. Kimberly Guilfoyle

Kimberly Guilfoyle Hottest News Anchors

American TV news personality, Gavin Newsom’s wife and former First Lady of San Francisco Kimberly Guilfoyle. She is also co-host on “The Five” (Fox News Channel). Kimberly is a contributor for “The O’Reilly Factor”, as well as “Hannity”. She previously worked as an anchor on Court TV and as legal analyst nad-commentator for Fox News.

3. Katie Pavlich

Anna Kooiman is ranked number 3 amongst the 10 hottest news anchors. American babe worked as an anchor for Fox News Channel and a reporter. She was also a co-host on FNC’s FOX News and Friends Weekend Edition. She left Fox News in September 2016 for Sydney, Australia where she moved with her husband.

4. Lea Gabrielle

Ainsley Emhardt is fourth on the list of hottest news anchors. Fox & Friends is her anchor and cohost. America’s News Headquarters also has her segment. She also reports on Hannity’s “Ainsley Across America”. She joined Fox News Channel as a reporter in 2007.

5. Martha MacCallum

Susan Li is an anchor in Hong Kong, with her news channel called “First Up” with Susan Li. She won the Asian television awards 2012 for the best news programme. The show has great content but I would give it the award if it was visually stunning. Susan Li is a delight to the eye. She is currently working at American television station CNBC.

6. Heather Nauert

Megyn was a 9-year-old full time lawyer before she switched to news anchoring. Kelly is gorgeous with a killer body and blue eyes. It’s amazing how her guests stay focused on the topic at hand. She worked at Fox News from 2004-2017, and joined NBC News January 2017.

7. Dana Perino

CNN Newsroom: 2 – 4 PM. This is where you want guys to be if you want to hear this beauty talk news and make it fun. Brooke is one of the most highly regarded news channels in the United States. Along with her stunning looks, Brooke also has great talent.

8. Maria Molina

You will be saying Gracias! for naming this woman in the list. Telemundo Mexico presents a show with this Mexican beauty, and it has brought a lot of attention to her fashion choices.

9. Harris Faulkner

Georgie is the perfect show for you if sky sports has not been added to your cable. Georgie brings sports to life with her beautiful looks.

10. Heather Childers

France and its beauty, like its beauty, is timeless and always growing. This anchor at the news shows proves it. Melissa works at France’s Channel M6. This French beauty brings life and energy to the show. That smile and those hazel eye are irresistible.

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