Top 10 Most Expensive Chickens in the World


In this article, We Share the Top 10 Most Expensive Chickens in the World. Don’t Waste time Let’s Start!!!!

Top 10 Most Expensive Chickens in the World

Have you ever considered that a chicken was so expensive that it’s the most expensive chicken on the planet? You’ll be amazed when you learn the cost for the chicken that is most costly. There is a unique and expensive type of chicken. Take a look at the list of highest 10 chickens with the most price around the globe and discover the reasons for these chickens as well as the reason they’re so expensive.

1. AYAM CEMANI – $5000


There’s a way that you can make others jealous. Of course, there are many ways to raise an impressive flock of chickens that doesn’t cost hundreds or thousands of dollars on just one or two chickens “These chickens cost more than your vacation,” is definitely one of the ways to earn the reputation of a chicken farmer. It’s costly enough!

2. DONG TAO – $2500


If you love chickens because of their close kinship with dinosaurs, then you may like those called Dong Tao or dragon chicken. The most sought-after chicken breed in Vietnam, Dong Taos picked their memorable English name due to their huge legs that are scaly and could be as long as the human wrist and also produce some of their most costly and sought-after food in Vietnam. The legs make it difficult to hatch eggs due to their tendency to crush and other injuries. The rarity of this breed, and the high price demanded by their meat means that a set of Dong Taos can be yours at a bargain cost of $2500.

3. BRESSE – $200

BRESSE Expensive Chickens

Also known as the “Queen of Chickens,” Bresse chickens are believed to be the best tasting chickens found anywhere around the globe. Their unique metabolic processes, their highly managed diet and an unusually high meat-to-bone ratio results in an exceptionally delicious meat. named after the region in France in which they were born, Bresse chickens have an “appellation d’origine controlee,” which means that, just like champagne, the sole true Bresse chickens were reared and born in Bresse, France – and only consume Bresse cereals along with Bresse insects. While an offshoot of Bresse called Bresse in the United States American Bresse was imported to the U.S. in 2011, the strict controls on Bresse production mean that a single bird can be priced at around $200.

4. AYAM KETAWA – $100


If you’re looking for a chicken to inject a bit of happiness to your flock Look for The Ayam Ketawa or the laughing chicken. Their unique crowing style that resembles the human laughter to a degree that is a bit frightening and is so sought-after in their home country of Indonesia in that they are able to compete in an annual contest with the aim of winning the sought-after Governor of Sulawesi cup. It is not to be confused with the more well-known Ayam Cemani Ketawas can be found in range of colors and are known more for their vocalizations than appearance, or even their production capabilities. They can be added to your flock with their distinctive sounds to your group at a cost of $100 per chick.



In keeping with the theme of chickens that are featured to fantasy stories Then we come to The Olandsk dwarf. This is the preposterously small chicken named for the Swedish island where they were born. Their beautiful, speckled feathers are a punchy combination in a small package and these frigid Scandinavians can also be regular layerers with upwards of 250 eggs every year. The high cost is due to their limited supply and the current global number of birds in the hundreds is an incredible success story following the 1989 low of 54 birds. Conservation efforts that have been meticulously implemented have brought this Olandsk small bird back to near extinct, but they’re scarce enough to warrant the price of $100 for a chick.

6. DEATHLAYER – $100


Although its name is reminiscent of the name of a German metal band Deathlayer is actually an old German chicken whose origins are to at least 400 years ago. It is also known as”the Totleger in German the poetic name is believed to originate due to the fact chickens will lay eggs every day, until they pass away. Although this is a bit exaggerated, they are extremely prolific egg-layers and are among the most beautiful birds to be found in. Their price around $100 per chick evident in the names of their colors. They are available in silver or gold.

7. ORUST – UNDER $100


Based on their roots on the tiny Orust Island located off the coast of Sweden It’s no wonder it is that Orust chickens are extremely robust and great foragers. They’re also stunning with a mixture of white and black feathers that be equally at home in a classic painting or in a show from 101 Dalmatians. While they’re regular layerers (three eggs a week) however, their sea-faring, wild origins mean they aren’t averse to being kept in cages and are frequently anxious and protective of their chickens. Maybe this is the reason why Swedish people who love chickens are facing a difficult battle trying to save the breed, with worldwide estimates of under 500. In light of this there’s no reason to be surprised that the price of an Orust chick could cost less than $100.

8. SVART HONA – $85


A bird with a sound similar to an emo group is called one called the Swedish Black Hen, also known as Svart Hona. The unique black-and-white appearance is due to a gene mutation known as fibromelanism. It originates in Asia and spread to Scandinavia around 400 years ago. While it’s similar to the famed Ayam Cemani, in terms of appearance but this Swedish dark hen far more adept to the cold temperatures than its Javanese counterparts. In addition, while Svart Hona is comparatively less famous, the Svart Hona is much rarer and only 500 are reported to be in existence, absence of publicity means that the Svart Hona chick can be yours at a price of 85 dollars.



Like the name implies, Pavlovskaya chickens are Russian in origin and are actually one of the most ancient Russian bird breeds. While it’s unclear exactly when or how they came into existence the old wives’ tale says they are an amalgamation of two chickens and a wild grouse. Although, since their introduction in the form of Pavlovskaya chicken has experienced an uphill climb towards modernity, nearly the end of its life at least twice over the past 200 years. The careful conservation efforts, made more difficult by their relatively lower egg output, have managed to keep these tough chickens alive and Americans are now able to purchase one of these stunning gentle birds for a price of $75 for a chick.



While their name implies, they’re more at home in a show like Game of Thrones, the Liege Fighter is actually one of three breeds left from Belgian game fowl, i.e., fighting with roosters. Although they have a history of fighting, they generally have a great relationship with human companions, and their massive size – roosters could reach 30 inches tall and their muscled body makes them great protectors of their chickens. The hens are smaller than male counterparts and are solid layers while males were selected for their meat-producing potential after their combat days had ended. These versatile birds are sold for sale at around $50 per unsexed chick.


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