Top 10 Dirtiest Beaches in the World

Goa – India

In this Article, We Share the list of the Top 10 Dirtiest Beaches in the World. Don’t Waste time Let’s Start!!!!

Top 10 Dirtiest Beaches in the World

When you consider a trip to the beach the image of white sands and cool waters and bright sunlight entices many of us. Being able to experience the stunning shorelines with sparkling clear waters is what you’d expect from a beach that is a well-known location, isn’t it? But, every beach around the world is unique, and we’re about explore some of the less frequented beaches. Below are 10 most filthy beaches in the world.

1. Goa – India

Goa – India Dirtiest Beaches

It’s quite a shocker people to know that Goa is included in this list. It’s a place to be left it is at the top however, this once awe-inspiring vacation spot is now thought to have the most unclean beaches around the globe. With more than 2.5 million visitors flocking to the city each year; one can only imagine the garbage, trash and waste that have been left on the beaches. Many damaged glass bottle, the sewage of emerging zones around, burning of plastic, runoffs coming from the mines and the waste of all hotels around have transformed Goa from being a paradise into an epidemic. Another factor that contributes to the degradation is the roaming cows that release their waste on the beaches as well as in the ocean, making it dangerous for humans. Here are 10 of the most filthy beaches you need to avoid. If you’re planning a vacation with your family or family members, ensure that you make sure you do your homework and avoid these beaches.

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2. Haina Beach – Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a beautiful Caribbean beach getaway. But there’s one beach within the region that needs to not be visited at any cost. The Haina beach located in Santo Domingo is not only unclean, but it is also extremely risky. The sand and the water at this beach were discovered to have very high levels of lead. It is a result of an illegal car battery plant, the lead is not just causing damage to the beach, but also to those that reside within Bajos de Haina. The name of the plant is “The Dominican Chernobyl”, there are many residents and visitors have suffered from lead poisoning as a result of visiting the beach or the surrounding areas.

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3. Marunda Beach – Indonesia

If you smell a beach from one mile away! You may want to avoid the sandy shores. The Marunda beach, located in Indonesia is among the dirtiest beaches on the planet. It is also among the most sought-after beaches. Just a few kilometers from Jakarta’s north Jakarta This beach has been called one of one of the most disgusting beaches for a long time. The currents of the tide and the wind at this beach draw in every bit of trash, waste, and waste from the surrounding beaches, and they are equally filthy. The factories located on the beach discharge waste and oil into the water, which is already murky. This beach may look like the size of a huge garbage dump. However, it is a favourite destination for locals as well as tourists too. It’s a little difficult to find on the way to the beach can be a nightmare unless you’ve visited previously and are aware of how to reach it. Families visiting the beach should take care to watch their children to ensure they are safe from potential dangers.

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4. Fujiazhuang Beach – China

We’ve all heard about how densely the population of China is, and it’s only natural to imagine the beaches. It’s not that difficult to think of the Fujiazhuang beach providing all we need to know. Many people come to the beach each day, making it extremely polluted. The beach isn’t just packed, but the amount of garbage that is found on the beach is equally insufferable. With all the people flocking on the beaches, there’s little space to lie down on the sand or to swim without bumping into someone else. However, if this doesn’t deter you the beach, it’s also not stocked with toilets. There’s about one toilet block per 10,000 people. This means that visitors are able to do their business within the water close to you. It is important to remember that this isn’t the ideal location for a getaway or a holiday with the whole family.

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5. Doheny State Beach – California

California is a paradise for surfing as well. South California is a popular location for surfers from across the world. Unfortunately, it appears that the Doheny State Beach is no more the popular spot it was. It was referred to as the “SoCal Surfer’s Beach up until recently the beach has turned into more of a danger for many different reasons. The seagull’s droppings can make the water very unpleasant. There are also runoffs from the area of urbanization surrounding it, which contaminate the water more. In the end, the position of the beach is a source of pollution trash, waste, and garbage into the water. Samples of water taken at the shore have not met the state’s standards on several occasions. The government has also been forced to post signage warning tourists to stay clear of the swimming pool.

6. Port Phillip Bay – Australia

With its huge size, Australia is potentially the most popular beach destination anywhere in the world. It has some of the most popular beaches that are found along its shorelines, you might be unable to believe that the country is also home to some of the filthiest beaches on the planet. In the world, Port Phillip Bay in Victoria is by far the most soiled. In the past 100 years when the region was radically altered to facilitate development, over 300 drains were constructed to flow through the Bay. This has meant that the beaches in the area have a lot of plastic bags, dozens of broken glass, syringes and other trash every week. Because of this and bacteria, algae growth has also increased and the water is sour. More than 800 million pieces of garbage flows into the bay each year, and regardless of where the trash is dumped in Melbourne it is disposed of at Port Philip Bay.

7. Seminyak Beach – Bali

Bali is certainly an island that is among those destinations you imagine when you think about an island getaway. However, the booming tourism industry is rapidly ruining the beautiful natural surroundings the island offers. In the Seminyak beach strip particularly, located in between Kuta as well as Legian is among the most polluted. Even with the best hotels, restaurants, and bars this area is polluted by runoff from agricultural fields and wastewater, industrial and sewage and even waste generated by the urban environment. The fertilizers being used on nearby farms also create dangerous conditions for locals and tourists alike. Because of poor garbage and pollution management authorities are struggling to manage the massive amount of garbage that is accumulating in the waters.

8. Repulse Bay – Hong Kong

From a distance, Repulse Bay in Hong Kong appears to be a luxurious vacation that you’d be willing to pay huge dollars for. If you look closer, you may be surprised to discover that your eyes were deceiving you. Although the shoreline is lined with luxurious hotels and luxury condos, the beach is completely different. Run-offs from nearby construction sites cause the water to become filthy and promote the growth of algae which, in turn, causes the water smelling. It also affects the ecosystem that is found in the waters around the region. There are also a lot of garbage and plastic floating along the shoreline, which is not the most pleasant for those who come to the beach for the pleasure of a refreshing bath. The most unpleasant thing about this beach is there are rumors that the grayish hue of the sand on the beach is caused by the fat that is accumulated of the numerous liposuction clinics on the vicinity of the beach. This is why that the term “Repulsive Bay” was given to the region.

9. Blackpool Beaches – UK

The beach is believed to be among the most popular beaches within The United Kingdom; Blackpool is host to many stunning beaches. They are home to more than six million people each year. The result from this has made the beaches shabby dirty and impossible to access. Most of those who come to the beaches are young party-goers. With no concern for the wellbeing of the people around them, they leave the remains of broken glass bottles trash, cans that have been crushed containers for food as well as Syringes. The most shocking thing is that they dump out vomit after drinking excessively alcohol consumption and various other actions. This has resulted in a lot of the beaches being shut to swimmers due to the condition in the waters.

10. Nakoso Beach – Japan

In 2011 Japan was struck by an earthquake that destroyed everything that crossed its path. Fukushima was a city in Japan was most likely hit most heavily. A number of nuclear facilities in the city were demolished release radioactive material to the nearby beaches. For a long time, Nakoso beach was deemed “Off Limits” by officials. It was not until recently that a campaign for public relations was shown on television showing children enjoying swimming in the waters of the once-discriminated beach. Although it could appear as if all is well but many prefer to stay clear of the danger that could arise in the near future. Would you be willing to swim in radioactive water even after 7 years of the event?


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