How To Choose A Car Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia

Accident Lawyer In Philadelphia
Accident Lawyer In Philadelphia

Philadelphia has an average of 11,000 auto crashes every year. Every accident means there’s a chance that someone has been injured and could have to navigate the complicated insurance system to receive compensation. Being paid could go beyond just getting the medical bills paid. If you’re injured in an accident there is a chance that you are eligible for medical treatment or lost wages as well as suffering and pain. But claiming what you’re entitled to could be a challenge. That’s why many crash victims turn to a lawyer assist them with the process. Philadelphia is home to a variety of accident lawyers available, which is why you should have a method for selecting the right one. We’ve compiled a list with suggestions to help you choose the best attorney for your needs.

How To Find a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer

It isn’t easy to pick a car accident lawyer in Philadelphia since there are so many options to pick from. If you know what makes a great lawyer, you can sort through the options to locate one you are comfortable with. Be sure to speak with several lawyers to see what you can find that is the best match. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when you are looking for a lawyer who can handle your car accident in Philadelphia.

Start With Your Network

Ask individuals you know and ask whether anyone has had experience with a reputable lawyer for car accidents within the region. If anyone you know have an experience with lawyers, ask them about their experience. Learn what the person enjoyed regarding working with the lawyer, and the things they didn’t like about working with them. Both viewpoints can will help you create a more complete image of the experience you will have with a specific lawyer. The majority of people can locate an excellent list to begin with by asking your family and friends for recommendations. If your contacts fall short, go online for lawyers in car accidents in your area. While doing this, make certain to take into account not just the rating of each lawyer as well as the amount of reviews they have in order to assess their expertise and knowledge.

Understand Fees

A lawyer for car accidents shouldn’t be charging an hourly rate. Instead they charge a percentage of the settlement which is paid only when you receive the settlement. This is known as the contingency fee. The typical range of lawyers for car accidents is 33%-40 percent, therefore, finding someone in the range is to be anticipated. A higher cost are a red flag for you.

What’s Their Speciality?

Lawyers for car accidents are lawyers for personal injuries who could specialize in work compensation cases or class action lawsuits as well as automobile accident lawsuits. If possible, look for a lawyer who is an expert in cases involving car accidents or at a minimum has enough expertise to navigate and deal with insurance companies and their process. Find out about the lawyer’s cases and how much car accidents comprised of their total cases.

Can They Litigate?

Of of course, any lawyer is able to appear in court and if the matter ends up in court, you need an experienced lawyer in courtroom. About five percent of accidents result in court proceedings which is an overwhelming amount. If you’ve suffered severe injuries and a significant amount of time away from work, you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared in case the case goes to the courts. Being represented by a lawyer on your side guarantees that the lawyer won’t stop negotiating settlements that you’re entitled and will also take additional action should it be required.

Seek Out Organization

There are many moving parts in any injury claim. Lawyers have to work with their clients, insurance providers and medical professionals, witnesses and much more. You need a well-organized lawyer who doesn’t let any details slip through the cracks. The most obvious sign of an organized office is a neat and tidy office. A lawyer with piles of paperwork in his office (or maybe on the floor) may not be the right option for your particular case.

Why You Should Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia

Accidents that aren’t as serious don’t necessarily require lawyers to manage the settlement. However, should you be in the middle of a serious collision with serious injuries or another person who denies the responsibility, it’s a good idea to have a lawyer for your side. Lawyers know how to negotiate with insurance companies to make the most from the case and will not give up on the offer of low-ball that most victims receive directly. Lawyers also take some of the burden off of those who don’t have to worry about receiving the wrangle from insurance companies and instead they have someone taking care of the heavy lifting while they recover.

What Type of Communication Can You Expect?

Each lawyer has their own way of communicating with clients on their cases involving accidents. The client should be expecting regular updates over the course of a few weeks. The communication may come via email or phone call. Keep in mind that lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means you don’t have to pay every time they answer the phone, however that means that they might not always be the most efficient in communicating. It is best to ask an attorney upfront about their style of communication is in order to ensure that it is in line with your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the statute of limitations in Philadelphia for car accidents?

Pennsylvania has the statute of limitations of two years for injuries that occur in the state. The time period begins with when the injury or accident.

Can you sue for pain and suffering in a car accident in Pennsylvania?

Yes, you are able to seek compensation from pain and suffering following an accident in the car. The key is to prove your injury and suffering. That is why having an experienced lawyer on your side can help.


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