Top 10 Best Magics Movies in the World 2022

Magic, spells, enchantment however you prefer to define it, always has attracted people. The films that are that are based on magic, in actual fact, are the favorite of not only children, but adults as well as teenagers. In the 60-90 minute time frame, living in a world that everything can happen gives us tremendous pleasure. For that moment we lose all other thoughts and are completely engaged. That’s the power of magical and that is the reason why films made about magic perform well. Here, we show the top 10 of these movies below.

1. Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Films made with magic but not talking about Harry Potter is just not feasible. J. K. Rowling’s record-breaking and award-winning film on the wizarding world of Hogwarts became eight series, and is mostly about Harry Potter and his dear Hermoine Granger, his best friend, as well as Ron Weasely. The series was very well-loved as were the books , and it led to videos as well as computer-based games developed which are loved and played until today. The 10 films made based on magic are stunning enjoyable, entertaining and will allow you to have an amazing experience watching these films. If you’ve not watched any of them yet and you are looking for the perfect plan for your weekend.

2. Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is a Halloween film suitable for children of all different ages. It’s filled with extravagant costume, bucks teeth and silly spells . You will enjoy it to the fullest. The shows are rather campy but if you’ve had fun seeing Halloweentown and Sabrina the Teenage Witch then you’ll love this as well.

3. Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings series which is written by Peter Jackson, takes you to a fantastic adventure that is mystical and thrilling. The journey is led through Frodo, Elijah Wood. The film is about the journey of Frodo to discover a Ring that he found through chance. He volunteered to undertake the dangerous task to protect a noble cause, which will stop an era of rule by the Dark Lords.

4. The Craft

The Craft

It is among the most well-known films about witches. The Craft is renowned for its real-life depiction of the consequences of casting spells. While the majority of the witches’ film created for Disney channel are morality-based The Craft is a brave attempt to go darker. It tells the story of four high school girls who possess extraordinary powers and is therefore also about curses, spells, and even a murder. The amazing acting and the captivating storyline made it the huge success.

5. Oz the Great and Powerful

Oz the Great and Powerful

This is a fantastical adventure film by Sam Raimi. The story revolves around the story of a magician who is pushed out of Kansas and is then forced to the Oz land. Oz. Many believe that he’s the wizard of Oz who is in Oz to put an end to their sufferings and the magician profited from their faith. Then three witches appear in Oz to stop his plan to take advantage of innocent people.

6. Spirited Away

Spirited Away

Spirited Away tells the tale of a girl named Chihiro who finds herself stuck in the realm of spirits. After witch Yubaba transforms her parents into porcupines, Chihiro had to work in her bathhouse to ensure she could be free of her family members and return to her own world. The version in English was directed by John Lasseter. It was the most successful film to ever be made in Japan and was even awarded an award for the Best Animated Feature Oscar.

7. Narnia


Produced by Andrew Adamson, the series is a three-part production that are equally captivating. The Chronicles of Narnia has its main focus on the lives of three kids that belong to the period during World War II and are transferred into the house of an family member to be secure. The story’s adventure begins when the smallest child, Lucy, finds a alternate world inside a closet. This is the main world of Narnia however, The Evil White Witch has brought it under her control. The children and the true head in the universe, Aslan will work together to protect Narnia.

8. Hugo


Asa Butterfield brought fullness to the role of the 12-year-old child who lives alone in Paris in the confines of the railway station in the 1930s and smuggles food to feed himself. After the passing of his beloved watchmaker father and his alcoholic uncle, he was left with nothing other than to fix clocks for his drunk uncle. In addition, Hugo would spend time working on the final project his father had started an automaton, mechanical machine that could write. Hugo was extremely interested in discovering if his father left any messages inside the machine and the whole process was a saga of even stealing the items he needed. Through one of these thefts when he was able to meet the daughter of the owner, Isabelle who was determined to aid him in his endeavors. The adventure starts by revealing a key to aid them in revealing the secrets of a magician’s past.

9. Practical Magic

Practical Magic

A curse has been imposed on the family of witches that will not allow them to be in love, in the event that it takes life of the loved ones. Two sisters from the family battle with all their strength and magical capabilities to defeat the supernatural forces and break the curse. Although the films didn’t fare as well as many others on this list however it did succeed in entertaining due to the incredible performances of the actors, especially the crazy aunts who were able to make everyone smile.

10. Enchanted


This is perhaps the only Disney film in our list of magical films. The film in which the fairytale of the past meets modern day, in which the evil queen Narissa creates a magical spell on the bride and the princess Giselle and they are transported to the present day New York City. Then she meets Edward Philips, the lovable lawyer she falls in love. The film is a dream comedy musical, packed with old-fashioned magic.

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