Top 10 Beauty Products for Women Invented By Men

Beauty Products

Beauty Products for Women are always been valued throughout the ages and it took lots of effort, time and imagination in the past for women to appear stunning for any event. We live in wonderful days of incredible beauty advancements that make our lives more convenient however have you wondered what was the reason for their creation?

Top 10 Beauty Products for Women Invented By Men

Beauty Products

1. Sanitary napkins (pads)

The idea of sanitary pads, the source is for the idea is none other than Benjamin Franklin. His invention was created to prevent bleeding soldiers but was also used as a source of basis for the first disposable napkins that were commercially available developed in 1888 by Johnson & Johnson in 1888. Thank you Mr. Franklin!

2. Mascara

Beauty Products for Women, Over the centuries, women used different homemade mascaras on their eyes to make them more thick and darker. The first mascara commercially produced was created in the the 19th century and was created by Eugene Rimmel. It was made with petroleum jelly.

3. Hair straightener

The invention was first patentable in 1906 by Simon E. Monroe in 1906. It looked similar to an iron comb, however the following year, Isaac K. Shero came up with a different one, composed of two irons which are heated and arranged with the hair.

4. Bobby pins

It is something you’ll always require and can take out, but you will eventually will be lost. Bobby pins were developed by a man named Luis Marcus. Bobby pins first came from hand and were popularized in the 1950s, when “bobbed hair” got hold, hence the term bobby pins.

5. Artificial nails

They were invented by dentist who broke the nail he was working on. He attempted to replace it with an unauthentic nail. The name of the dentist was Fred Slack. Fake nails were used in the 20th century.

6. Thongs

It’s true it was the case that people began wearing thongs way before the 21st century. They are believed to have come from African tribes that lived in warmer climates. The modern designer of this piece garment is Rudi Gernreich. He designed it to protest against an order to ban naked tanning by Los Angeles City Council.

7. Lip balm

In 1880s, the 1880s saw the invention of Dr. Charles Browne Fleet, the handmade item was not well-known at the time and the most used Beauty Products for Women. It was shaped as tiny candles wrapped in foil. No, I wouldn’t purchase it as ether.

8. Bikini

The first bikini was invented by an engineer from the automotive industry and design expert Louis Reard in 1946. He observed that women frequently put over the sides of their swimsuits to achieve a more tanned look and this inspired Reard to create a two-piece designs that show the midriff.

9. Liquid foundation

Women began using foundations in Ancient Egypt as a form of white paste or powder which is the most used Beauty Products for Women. However the creator of contemporary foundations is Carl Baudin of the ”Leipziger Stadt” theater in Germany. He wanted to hide the gap between his wig’s and forehead, so he developed skin-colored powder made of zinc, the ochre and Lard. The paint was so well-liked with actors that he decided to sell it on a commercial basis until Max Factor created “” Flexible Greasepaint” in 1914.

10. Curling iron

Although it was first patented and Beauty Products for Women through Hiram Maxim back in 1866,, it became popular in 1872, when Marcele Grateau created ”Marcele curl”, and he invented himself a hair iron around 1890. It was extremely difficult to regulate the iron’s temperature so hairdressers were usually able to try the iron on a piece of paper prior to applying it to hair.

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