Top 10 Batsmen With Most Sixes in ODI Cricket

1. Shahid Khan Afridi, 351

Shahid Khan Afridi

Pakistani Pathan Boom Boom Afridi is at the top of the list, having hit 351 sixes in just 398 matches over 369 innings. He has 730 fours in his collection and an incredible striking rate of 117. He has a very disappointing average of 24.

2. Chris Gayle, 331

Chris Gayle

Gayle The Jamaican cricketer who is an international player with the West Indies took the 3rd spot. He’s blasted 331 of them in 294 innings and 301 matches. There are 1128 Fours in his collection as well as a strike rate of 87, and his average of 38. Gayle has scored 16 Sixes in the ICC WC-2015 against Zimbabwe This is the third highest 6s in the world after RG Sharma as well as AB de Villiers in an ODI game. Gayle scored 215 run which is the fourth highest single score of ODI cricket in the history of the game.

3. Sanath Jayasuriya, 270

Sanath Jayasuriya

Former Lankan legendary cricketer Jayasuriya is currently No.2 having 270 sixes across 445 games and 433 innings. Jayasuriya also hit 1500 fours in the course of his career in ODI. He maintained a strike percentage of 91, and an average of 32.

4. Rohit Sharma, 244

Rohit Sharma

In the 4th spot, is Indian right-handed top batsman Rohit Gurunath Sharma is ranked 4th. There are 244 Sixes in 227 innings and 227 matches. Sharma was able to score 832 fours with an average of 89 strike per game and an average score of 49.

5. MS Dhoni, 229

MS Dhoni

The coolest man, The Indian captain has scored 229 sixes in 350 games as well as 297 innings. Additionally, Dhoni hit 826 fours and maintained an 88 strike rate and an astonishing Average of 50.

6. Eoin Morgan, 220

Eoin Morgan

The 9th spot 9th place is Eoin Morgan An Irish cricketer who is captain of his England the cricket squad. The Irish cricketer has 220 sixes in 228 innings and 246 matches. Morgan has hit 654 fours, at an average strike-rate of 91 having an average score of. Morgan beats all records for hitting a huge number of sixes in one innings. He hit 17 sixes during an innings during the ICC WC-2019 against Afghanistan.

7. AB de Villiers, 204

AB de Villiers

De Villiers, The South African cricketer who is captain of the South African One Day International ODI team, is No. 6. The most admired cricketer in the world in the present. De Villiers slapped 204 sixes in 226 games and 216 innings and hit an impressive number of fours, as well as 836. He had a strike rate of 101 and an average of 53.90.

8. Brendon McCullum, 200

Brendon McCullum

The present New Zealand skipper, McCullum has 200 sixes in 260 matches , with 228 innings. McCullum has also hit 577 fours and has a the strike rate of 95. The average of 30.41 is a bit disappointing.

9. Sachin Tendulkar, 195

Sachin Tendulkar

It is said that the Indian legendary Tendulkar scored 195 sixes over 463 games and 452 innings. Up to this day, Tendulkar is the only cricketer to international level to have scored greater than 2000 consecutive fours. He has fours from 2016 to his name. He had a strike rate of 86 and an average of 45.

10. Sourav Ganguly, 190

Sourav Ganguly

Ganguly recorded 190 sixes over the course of his career , which spanned 311 games as well as 300 innings. The nickname he was given, Dada who scored 1122 fours with an average of 74 strike per game and an average of 41.

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